New AListApart article.

Where Our Standards Went Wrong.

An interesting article in the latest issue of A List Apart. Makes you think.

Well at least I did.

Darkfall is Coming!

For all you MMORPG players out there, here’s something new to make your mouth water. It’s called Darkfall and I have the feeling that once it hits the shelves, it’s going to be the big. (Maybe not as big as Blizzard’s World of Warcraft though.)

This is massive, folks. As it says in the video, “It’s really going to take the gaming world by storm.” I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

Big Gay Conference: Alphabet Soup 2007

From February 16th to the 18th, I was in the twin cities, Minnesota at the MLGBTA College Conference. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s also known as THE BIG GAY CONFERENCE! Oh and it is.

The conference was good. Went to a bunch of workshops but the only two that really hit home for me were a workshop on what the Bible really says about Homosexuality and a workshop on Opening the Closet on Parents. Both of which were incredibly powerful presentations and I’ll probably write about both subjects later on. I’ll most likely end up making these two seperate blog posts because each has a significant amount of thought and research behind them.

I went to my first gay club (though that night ended badly with me having a horrible anxiety-attack because of the amount of horny gay people crammed into one room), and went and saw an absolutely horrendous drag show that was just plain bad. I got to see my friend Erik again (I miss that kid), as well as listen to one of the best speakers I have ever heard, Robyn Ochs, talk about some important current issues. Near the end of her speech, she shared with us a quote from U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis) which I would like to share here since it made both T and I tear up a little.

“If you dream of a world in which you can put your partner’s picture on your desk, then put his picture on your desk and you will live in such a world. And if you dream of a world in which you can walk down the street holding your partner’s hand, then hold her hand and you will live in such a world. If you dream of a world in which there are more openly gay elected officials, then run for office and you will live in such a world. And if you dream of a world in which you can take your partner to the office party, even if your office is the U.S. House of Representatives,then take her to the party. I do, and now I live in such a world. Remember, there are two things that keep us oppressed: them and us. We are half of the equation. There will not be a magic day when we wake up and it’s now OK to express ourselves publicly. We must make that day ourselves, by speaking out publicly — first in small numbers, then in greater numbers, until it’s simply the way things are and no one thinks twice. Never doubt that we will create this world, because, my friends, we are fortunate to live in a democracy, and in a democracy, we decide what’s possible.”

I also went to a very personally moving workshop on Anger at Anti-gay Religion, an interesting although a little disorganized workshop on what to say to people who are against homosexuality, and a way-too-early-in-the-morning workshop on Blogging for Change. The blogging one was really interesting, though there were of course technical issues and it was more a question-and-answer sort of workshop. But it was really good despite the limitations. I really hope this topic gets brought back and added to next year.

Not to mention we got to see Margaret Cho live – she was beautiful, clever, and downright hilarious. I thought that our entire row was going to fall out of their seats from laughing so hard. Our group was definitely one of the one’s screaming the most.

I bought a book called “Letter from Young Activits” filled with inspiring letters written from young people about social justice. I’m gaining a lot of inspiration for that so I hope to start writing more in my blog about important issues.

Anyway, that’s an update for now. I’d also like to say that this blog will be moving soon as I’m currently in the process of moving Amadaun.Net to a new host.

Be well.

Interesting GLBT Article about College Kids

The Stranger may be the only newspaper in Seattle, but its content can be for everyone of all sorts. It definitely makes for an interesting read.

“Wise and terrible evolutionary forces conspired for untold eons to make you queer. You hold a unique position in the evolutionary process! The transformative powers of the homosexual are unparalleled, and college is THE quintessential time for you to grasp this power with both gay hands and aim it like a laser cannon at the forces that would subdue you! It’s up to YOU, young faggot, young dyke, and nobody else! YOU must be smarter, prettier, feistier, more creative, more incisive, more gloriously depraved, more intolerant of George W. Bushes of every sort, more focused, more united, and more politically vigilant than any queers in history have ever been! Your responsibility is no less than to save the fucking world—with a three-day hangover, a boner, finals pending, and flair. It’s just the card you drew.”

In a crude way, this article is completely correct. It’s the college-age queer folk right now who are thrown in the spotlight and expected to make the greatest change. And if we want that change, we have to do something about it. Another article brings in the children factor to – which is just as equally important and worth a read.

Once again, I urge communication. I urge awareness. You can’t protect your rights and the rights of others if you hide in the closet and refuse to speak up about what you believe in. You can’t expect to make change when you step aside and pretend that you’re not apart of the fight. Every single person – every one person – needs to help in the fight. One person CAN make a difference when added to the greater scheme – and when we get a lot of one persons to join – well, change happens. We’ve seen that throughout the years.

Speak up and speak out.

more on web 2.0

Dan posted this first, but I thought it was definitely worth passing it on.

Check it out.

cult of librarians, oh my!

If you keep up with Neil Gaiman’s blog, feel free to pass this by since it comes from this entry.

I pretty much grew up in the Aram Public Library back home. I was on the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) for it for a year and a half before I graduated it (I was there when they first began it), and when I got to college, I worked for another year and a half as a Desk Clerk/All-Around-Errand-Runner-and-Website-Updater at the library on campus. So libraries are pretty important to me overall.

And even though I’ve been around libraries for so long, and have seen a lot of interesting drama happen with them, the letter Neil Gaiman posted still surprised me.

“I walked out of our main branch one day to find several van loads of people carrying picket signs and descending on our building. There were many children with the group and some of them were given picket signs and sent out to rally cars driving by to “Honk if you hate Library Porn” and “Unsafe for Kids”. The other picketing parents sent their kids into our children’s department for us to baby-sit for the next several hours – while they tried to rally community support against us. (The irony was not lost on us.)”

I think some people should be dragged out into the street and beat with a stupidity stick until they realize that libraries are places of higher learning – therefore they should be used to learn when you’re being a complete moron about a subject. I don’t understand how they though that the library was offering porn to children. Ridiculous.

Anyway, there you have it. Stupidity at its finest.