Interesting GLBT Article about College Kids

The Stranger may be the only newspaper in Seattle, but its content can be for everyone of all sorts. It definitely makes for an interesting read.

“Wise and terrible evolutionary forces conspired for untold eons to make you queer. You hold a unique position in the evolutionary process! The transformative powers of the homosexual are unparalleled, and college is THE quintessential time for you to grasp this power with both gay hands and aim it like a laser cannon at the forces that would subdue you! It’s up to YOU, young faggot, young dyke, and nobody else! YOU must be smarter, prettier, feistier, more creative, more incisive, more gloriously depraved, more intolerant of George W. Bushes of every sort, more focused, more united, and more politically vigilant than any queers in history have ever been! Your responsibility is no less than to save the fucking world—with a three-day hangover, a boner, finals pending, and flair. It’s just the card you drew.”

In a crude way, this article is completely correct. It’s the college-age queer folk right now who are thrown in the spotlight and expected to make the greatest change. And if we want that change, we have to do something about it. Another article brings in the children factor to – which is just as equally important and worth a read.

Once again, I urge communication. I urge awareness. You can’t protect your rights and the rights of others if you hide in the closet and refuse to speak up about what you believe in. You can’t expect to make change when you step aside and pretend that you’re not apart of the fight. Every single person – every one person – needs to help in the fight. One person CAN make a difference when added to the greater scheme – and when we get a lot of one persons to join – well, change happens. We’ve seen that throughout the years.

Speak up and speak out.

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