Darkfall is Coming!

For all you MMORPG players out there, here’s something new to make your mouth water. It’s called Darkfall and I have the feeling that once it hits the shelves, it’s going to be the big. (Maybe not as big as Blizzard’s World of Warcraft though.)

This is massive, folks. As it says in the video, “It’s really going to take the gaming world by storm.” I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

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  1. Leigh says:

    So here’s the thing, dear. I really, really don’t like Disney Princesses at all. Call it a personal objection, but if you pull up stats on how much Disney makes on its Princess line of products (or even go to a department store, where you can find backpacks, lunchboxes, clothing, costumes, toothbrushes, toys, etc. and ad nauseum) it’s blatant commercial exploitation of little girls. That’s only my first objection, though. I have more!

    Second, I don’t think that any of them are particularly strong role models: Snow White’s essential function is to look pretty and do chores; Aurora looks pretty, falls asleep and dances with animals; Cinderella is a pretty drudge; Ariel looks pretty and sings a lot (alright, she has some episodes of bravery, but these are really downplayed in the film); Belle is pretty, and, nominally a reader, but is shown exactly once with a book during the course of the film: it’s a children’s fairy tale and she lets a sheep eat half of it, and so on and so forth.

    Okay, so you might point out that some of the Disney princesses aren’t all spineless, I mean, come on, there’s Mulan, right? Well, yes, except that whenever she’s marketed, she’s always shown in her matchmaking attire: a dress which in the film makes her absolutely miserable: she’s naver in her liberated warrior gear, because, let’s face it, she’s not pretty when she’s a warrior.

    Besides, she’s only an honorary princess: Two of the princesses you see most consistently are, quite frankly, a bit anti-feminist: Aurora and Cinderella — their films make it very clear that their function is to become pretty wifelings who don’t actually *do* much of anything.

    And I won’t even go into Pocahontas, because, good gods, the sheer amount of stereotyping and historical abuse that went into that movie is embarassing.

    Still, I’ll probably go and see it. Who knows, it might actually be palatable (but, you know, I have my doubts).

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