Some Kingdom Hearts 3 Thoughts

I mentioned a little about KH3 in an earlier post when I was talking about KHII:FM. I still haven’t finished KHII myself, but I’m working on it. (Oh come on, I don’t have a playstation 2, I leach off of other’s, give me a break).

So what we know so far is that there is a definite KH3, and that Sora has to be a main character (it’s his story, he has to be in it – even if not physically). But supposedly there are three new characters somehow related to characters from the previous games. We also know that Xehanorth plays a big part in it (in his memories) and a Keyblade War is going to happen.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the secret KH3 trailer that’s at the end of KH2 can be seen here. It’s been out in awhile, so there’s no old news and tons of rumors about who the three are and what’s going on.

But some of those rumors have been fed and now there are even more, because this week the extended KH3 trailer has been released and oh my goodness, is it intess.

You can check out the trailer at Kingdom Hearts 3 with English Subtitles, or you can download the original here.

Let me tell you, I’ll admit, there were tears after I finished watching this. The graphics look absolutely amazing, the characters, the plot, everything looks like this is going to be the darkest Kingdom Hearts yet. And despite the fact that two of the knights in the video look like Roxas/Sora and Riku, we’ve been told that they aren’t. And because this game is going to be relying heavily on memory and the past, I wonder if this is something that had already happened… I don’t know. But I’m sure as hell going to be in line for my copy when it comes out.

Other than that, since KHII:FM has been released, KH-Vids has a whole mess of videos from the game that you can view and see what you too are missing out on. I really want that game. If you have, let me know how you like it!

Oh, and KH-Vids has created the Super trailer, with both the original and the new trailer combined:

Any thoughts/theories are more than welcome for the new game.

2 responses to “Some Kingdom Hearts 3 Thoughts”

  1. Leigh says:

    Well, dear, I *do* love you but as far as “proof” goes, it’s out there in abundance. If you ever want my views on evolution, I’ll provide a plethora of proofs, but for now, I will give you this.

    I, as a scientist, have weighed the evidence in my mind. It comes in many forms, some subtle and some blindingly obvious. I can tell you that the earth is roughly four billion years old, that every living thing you see around you has a common ancestor, and that those who doubt this are wrong.

    There’s a lot of haggling about fine details. So, no, we don’t know “exactly” what happened.

    But these creationists are purposely seeking to miseducate the public, and I find this a thouroughly objectionable goal.

    In fact, I’m going to go make a blog post on this now, because, you know. Bloggetty!

    But, seriously, dear: “nothing can be proven or disproven about our past”? That’s just plain wrong.

  2. nikki says:

    Hey Lady Leigh, we could all be blue aliens have were born of spores and we’re really just dreaming all of this.

    You never know.

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