We are all a bit batty – Bat Education!

Yesterday was Blogathon day, and as you can see, I did not participate. I already had plans yesterday with my girl because two years ago I wrote her a letter asking her out. I don’t think she would have forgiven me if I ditched out on our plans to write in my blog every half hour.

Anyway, I did keep up on my Lee’s blog, which has always proved to be a large storehouse of information for paleo-nerds. Or, really, any nerd interested in the nitpickings of science. Sometimes I feel really smart when I read her blog. Other times… ha.

I wonder why she stays friends with me.

Anyway, it got me thinking a lot about my intentions when I first came to Northland. My plan was to major in Biology and slowly become a Bat Biologist. I love bats. I am a bat freak, I guess. My favorite are the flying foxes, named for their dog-like faces and large ears. They are true fruit bats, found in the Order of Chiroptera (or “hand-wing”). These true fruit bats are actually split into two groups: the Microchiropter (“small hand-wing”) and the Megachiropter (“large hand-wing”).
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Music of Gaelic Storm

So I went and saw Gaelic Storm in concert last night and they are phenomenal. Honestly. They rival my favorite band Great Big Sea (they tie with Flogging Molly though). They kept the crowd going and got a lot of people to dance (that might have been the beer though). Nothing like good old Irish music on a nice summer’s day to make life feel right.

I bought their new CD, Bring Yer Wellies, and I really love it. It’s got some of their best songs to date on it and they keep their style throughout the whole thing. They bring great beats that you can’t but jig to (or attempt to jig to).

Bring Yer Welliesgaelic storm

01. Scalliwag
02. Me and the Moon *
03. Never Drink ’em Dry (Johnny Tarr’s Funeral)
04. The Devil Down Below
05. De Luain, De Mairt
06. Bare in the Basin
07. Kelly’s Wellies *
08. Slingshot
09. Hello Monday
10. The Long Way Home
11. The Salt Lick
12. Don’t Go For “The One” *
13. Tornado Alley
14. Kiss Me I’m Irish

My favorite song on this album is Me and the Moon. It’s got a catchy tunes and some pretty cute lyrics too (“I’m gonna miss my friend moonshine”). Their songs are original and they’ve some instrumental stuff in here. One of my favorite sounds is the fiddle and the bodhran and they mix them beautifully in their music.

Gaelic Storm has been around for almost ten years now and they’ve remained true to their original sound. All five of the members of incredibly talented and know how to play their respective instruments to a level of genius. They’ve got a toe-tapping sound and I can’t wait to see them in concert again. They are fantastic.

If you download any of the three tracks I’ve upped for you, let me know. I like to see who’s interested in what kind of music (if anyone likes the stuff I enjoy). Also, if you like what you hear, make sure you head over to their website and check out their store. They’ve got all their CDs for sale there. Hope you like them!

The modern day seven wonders.

New 7 Wonders of the World.

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this. I think it’s cool that the modern world is taking part in saying what’s the greastest man-made structures in creation, but to make them the new 7 wonders of the world? I think that’s going a little too far. Nothing now even measures up to the grandeur of the originals, even though only the pyramids are still in existence. I’m just afraid that those original prodigious creations will be forgotten.

And, I mean come on, the Statue of Liberty was on the list? That is nothing compared to the Statue of Zeus or the Lighthouse of Alexandria! I guess to me the Statue of Liberty has become something of a mockery (though I don’t contest that it still holds great importance to many people, and at one point it did mean something – I just think that meaning has been lost on many).

I am in great awe of the seven wonders, the real ones. I always have been. And yes, some of the new ones do hold that same emphasis of greatness to them, but they’re still new. And they should be held in great regard, but why replace creations that were far more ancient and, in may ways, impossible feats of humankind?

Like I said, mixed feelings. Feel free to discuss, I want to know what others are thinking.

Photoshop Goodies: A bit of natural fluff.

So I’ve been busy doing web stuff that last couple of days, and I managed to get a new design up at A.Net and a new one up at Studio Brushes. At Studio Brushes there are also three new Photoshop 7 brushes up for download, my favorite being this set:

Natural Wings
Download brushes here.

All my brushes are in zipfiles so they have to extracted before they can be used.

I’ll be working on my side project, the James Gurney fanlisting tonight, if I’m not totally lost to WoW. Which there are good chances that might happen.

For the Horde!