The presidential forum

Yesterday was August 9th, the day of the Presidential Forum.

It was, to say the least, incredibly insightful into the thoughts of some of our presidential candidates on some of the bigger GLBT issues.

I’m not going to go into what I really thought about it. I’ve been sick and therefore half asleep when I watched it, and I want to re-watch some of the key points before I attempt any sort of write-up. My head’s been full of fluff and the lack-of-breathing I’ve been doing has gotten to me. But, I shall give you this much.

Dana Rudolph, from the blog Mombian, wrote an wonderful commentary with her thoughts about the candidates here. It’s definitely worth a read whether you watched the forum or not because she goes pretty in depth on where each candidate stands.

Right. Give it some thoughts.

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  1. Anesthesia says:

    Hey sweetie! I hope you’re feeling better! I’ve just today started feeling better. So far my throat feels ok today.. and the sore sunder my tongue are gone. THANK GOD. I could barely open my mouth with those things.. muchless eat.

    But I swear.. there’s always something.. One of our fish is sick and we’re sad. Is it silly to get upset over a fish? He’s been with us for so long.. Its like.. not real ya know? Not to mention that we just lost one of our mice.. she’d been with us for a couple of years and had developed a very large tumor just recently.

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