bow chika bow bow.

Housemates are annoying. Especially when they throw big elaborate beer parties and let people eat your food, use your salsa, and throw your towel on the floor to soak up a disgusting pile of puke. Ash and I are pretty peeved by it all. The house reeks of alcohol, pot, and bad B.O. At least they’re cleaning it up now. The house is a mess. I plan on writing up a little list of the things they owe us (including a new towel). It’s just gross.

Boys are disgusting.

Not to mention Ash had a slight scare last night when the carbon monoxide detector went off. She couldn’t exactly open the door to let in fresh air because of the stupid party, so she opened her window (outside of which there were people peeing in the bushes), and turned the fan on. She then sneaked the rats and the dog over to my room and we came back this morning to check up on the cats and the ferrets. Everyone’s fine, thankfully, but it was still scary.

I want a tablet. Badly. Anyone have any referrals for different tablets? I really like the Wacom Intuos line, but they’re expensive. But I want one. Mouse Art just ain’t cutting it anymore.

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  1. Wow, that’s disgusting what your roommates allowed. Hope you guys have that sort of behavior listed as a no-no in your lease agreement. :B

    As for tablets, try eBay. I would guess you could get a good, reliable deal there, actually.

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