The Orphan Works Bill

Alright, something to blog about.

The Orphan Works Bill is a big piece of crap. Seriously. You know how many online authors are going to throw a fit if this passes? And not just people online. I have short stories and poems published in different printed magazines, and none of that will matter if this bill passes. All of it can be legally plagiarized because some shithead thought this would be a good idea.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got enough problems with people stealing my works and putting their own name on it. If this bill passes, I won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

If you in agreement with me that this royally sucks, get a hold of your congressman and tell them what you think. Or just click on that link and send them an already-written letter on the topic. It’s as easy as that.

Website Rehaul!

I’ve been working on my website in chunks of time, and while it’s not completely done yet, it is up and viewable for your pleasure. Check it out! I’ve got icons, wallpapers, PS brushes, and some other goodies for my readers. Right now I’m working on putting up more in content in way of my art and my writings, so that’ll take even more time. But most of it’s up and running.

I had tons I wanted to blog about in the last couple of days, but I haven’t had a chance too. And now I can’t remember any of it. Man, I’m lame.

Sparta: the Mean Kitty Song

Little Kit-kitty…

Happiness. Probably the number one most watched video on my YouTube Favorites.

How can you not love it?

life update.

Sorry for the lack of updates. But life is finally falling into place.

House – check.
Girlfriend – check.
Girlfriend gets good job – check.
I get good job – check.
All our family together – check.
Love – double check.

I just got done signing paperwork for a new job working for the College’s Alumni office. I’ll be working with their website, their newsletter, and I’ll be going places to do stuff for their Alumni weekends. I start work on Monday morning, forty hours a week, full time, minimum wage. It’s great.

Other than that, I keep plugging along on getting my website stuff together and yesterday I finished my writing resume (I’m still working on a design resume). Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot more done during the long weekend and I’ll have my website up and running with the portfolio up as well. Good luck to me.

Right now, I’m going to go paint. Ta.