The Hope Faerie.

I purchased a domain recently, so this blog will be moving in the near future. Just a heads up.

I’m really sick of politics. (I really love kittens though and there’s currently one in my lap purring like he’s got diesel truck stuck in his chest – how can kittens be such terrors one moment and the next absolute cuddlebugs? Maybe he’s finally forgiven me for giving him a bath this morning. He looked more like a drowned rat than a cat when he came out.)

I digress. I’m sick of politics. This election can’t come soon enough. o.0 I honestly don’t know why I said that, since I’m almost positive that’s just going to make things worse. No matter who we end up with, it’s not going to magically change. They act like it will, they pledge that it will, they make promises like a Hope Faerie is going to come from the sky and sprinkle us all with Change dust, but everyone knows it’s not really going to happen.

Or maybe I’m just too much of a pessimist. I prefer the term cynical optimist, but everyone is different. I’m just sick of politics.

(But I really love kittens.)

One response to “The Hope Faerie.”

  1. Amber says:

    I agree with you Nikki, but hey maybe Obama will at least get aour foot in the door about change. He may not be the best but we have to start somewhere right.

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