Increase of productivity.

It has been a productive day! Woke up this morning, had a breakfast of biscuits and honey (yum!), and then started cleaning like mad. I shut myself up in our bedroom and folded all the laundry, hung it all up, and organized the dirty stuff. I then went through what boxes could be packed, organized boxes that already had stuff in them, and cleaned the shelves and side table. Then I went to go clean Kendi’s cage which is in our room (to keep her warmer) and look what I found:


Kendi’s first shed! Yeah, I was really happy because it means she’s healthy. So now she’s eating right and on schedule and she’s shedding. I was worried about her eye caps because I had that problem with other snakes, but she did fine and they came off with the skin. She’s really pretty and bright now but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of her before she curled up in her macaroni box. What a good snake.

After that excitement, we got the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen done. We’re working on the living room now (well actually, I’m blogging, and Ash is working on the living room – she does the vacuuming and when she’s done I’m gonna clean the ferret cage). It’s been a really good cleaning day and our room is probably the cleanest it’s been in a long time. I’m proud of us for actually getting so much done. I even re-did my blog info since it was pretty outdated. If I have time after dinner, I’ll work some more on the free wordpress themes I’ll be putting up. Anyone interested in them? I’m also thinking about holding a contest – anyone be interested? And if so, any ideas for the winner?

Okay, back to cleaning. (Don’t forget to vote for!)

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  1. Leigh says:

    Awr, congrats to Kendi and you on the shed. That’s always a fun milestone. 🙂

    And I would be very interested in your wordpress themes. I’m currently trying to put together a wordpress blog for myself, actually, but Internet Explorer is killing my layout. 😛

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