Scarcity, mummies, and dogs.

I was made to sit down and watch The Mummy tonight because it was apparently imperative to my very existence that I see it. However, about two minutes before the actual ending of the movie I realized that I have, in fact, seen the whole thing. So I guess my life wasn’t at stake to begin with.

My legs hurt and blogging will be scarce this week on account of the fact that we have a friend staying with us and crashing on our floor. Good times will be had and I’m not sure how much internet time I’ll have (but it’s well worth it, and I’m sure you understand).

I shall leave you with an interesting story about man’s best friend.

According to the Palais de Justice in Paris, a recent preliminary hearing marked the first time in France, and perhaps in the world, in which a dog had been called as a formal witness in a murder case. “Scooby Doo” was brought into the courtroom so that a judge could watch how he reacted when he approached the defendant, who was accused of killing Scooby’s master, and according to a dispatch in London’s Daily Telegraph, the dog “barked furiously,” helping convince the judge to set the case for trial. [Daily Telegraph, 9-10-08]

Dogs are amazing. Moreso than people, in many many cases. Our dog? Spoiled rotten. But we love him. Even when he is a lazy-butt (but he’s a cute lazy-butt).

Spunky says it’s time for bed. Night all.

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