Vacation Update.

Things have slowed down enough that I can actually write an entry and not have to publish it later. Yesterday we went to three different museums, jumped on huge boulders along Lake Michigan, and had some yummy chinese food. We saw dinosaurs, civil war paintings, and some of the mangiest stuffed animals I have ever seen. All in all, it was a pretty great day.

Today is our last day here and we spent it mostly putting up the Christmas tree, doing laundry, and relaxing. I also got some new hand-me-down clothes from my younger sister (yes, hand-me-downs from my younger sister) and we had a huge breakfast.

I would love to put up pictures of our Christmas Tree because I love it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen since this dial-up at my parents’ house is unbelievably the slowest possible in existence. I don’t know how they can deal with it. I guess the trick is to have only one window open at a time and to make sure it is fully loaded before you even attempt to move to another page. It’s frustrating.

But I’m going to go hunt down Ash – I think she’s around here somewhere. Unless my youngest sister got to her… oh dear.

Stuffed Full.

Well we reached home okay (got there around 1:30 in the morning) and got the cats and Spunky set up for the night before finally passing out in bed. Had tons of family come over Thanksgiving Day and ate tons of food – Ash’s deviled eggs were an absolute hit and everyone enjoyed them (in fact, some of my relatives even admitted to liking them more than my mom’s “World Famous” Deviled Eggs – there were none left of Ash’s at the end of the day, and a plate-full of my mom’s remained uneated).

Today, we are off to the museums in Kenosha (art, dinosaurs, and civil war history, oh my!) and I am most likely there right now since I’m typing this in advance to put up in the morning. I’m so sneaky.

(Anyway, I’m exhausted, the day was long, and the dogs are now barking. Night all and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Oh, and Good morning!)

Turkey Day!

So I’m writing this, but yet again, I’m not! How? Because since I’ll be gone for a few days, I’m writing this in advance so it shows up that I have posted every day for November. Cheating? I don’t think so. I think of it as innovative and resourceful.

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day/Holidays!


Have a sleepy Zane.  Ain’t he cute?

Aliens Among Us!

Mac (my newest blog hostee), pointed this out via Twitter and it’s so incredible I can’t NOT post it.

That video is pretty grainy, but check out the one in the actual article: Alien-like Squid with “Elbows” Filmed at Drilling Site. It DOES look like an alien but it’s also really beautiful in a creepy, elegant sort of way (my descriptions rock). Can you believe these things really exist?

The world is such a strange place.

Life is a Novel.

I have an hour left of work with nothing to do. I’m working on the new alumni brochure for next year’s reunion, but I can’t do anything until I get the files I need from the PR department and they all went home early. So I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, because I’d rather stay here and play on the computer than go home and do it. Get paid to listen to music and blog? Hell, I can do that.

It’s been an eventful day. Ash’s parked car got hit by her co-worker while Ash was working. The estimated damage on it is $1700 and the person who hit it doesn’t have insurance and Ash’s insurance is just liability. We’re not paying for it – no way, so Ash’s co-worker has to figure out a way to pay for it by December 19th (the day we’ve set as D-Day and we leave Ashland, WI). Which means we’re back to sharing one car and Ash’s poor, beautiful car is now sitting in the cold waiting to be repaired. This shouldn’t have happened and it’s really just not fair. We’ve been dealing with so much crap lately, why did this have to happen on top of all of it? We’re still going to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, only now we’re taking my car and crossing our fingers that it makes it there. Seriously, can’t we catch a break?

So we’re stressing even more over school, work, leaving, packing, and now cars, and the constant lack of funds. I can’t wait to get home tonight and just rest. I know we have to keep packing and go food shopping and stuff, but after that, it’s rest time. Maybe some Charmed. I hope.

We leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I hope nothing more happens this weekend, knock on wood. We need a good vacation.


In Defense of Comics.

Has anyone been keeping up on the Christopher Handley case? You know, the guy with copious amounts of “child pornography” found in his possession. Yeah, that’s the one. Well it’s still going on, with just as much drama as it had when the case was first brought to court.

Now, I think the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a comic book, for crying out loud. It’s manga – it’s art. If you’re lazy here’s a summary: Handley was arrested for having in his possession less than 10 yaoi manga which depicted young men in homosexual positions – some consisting of “objectionable panels.” Because it is MANGA and drawn in Japan, it has the usual style; the men look younger than they are with no pubic hair. This, according to the prosecutors, falls under the PROTECT Act, and he is now being charged for having been found with child pornography.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that for the large number of books and anime and manga that Ash and I own, that we could both be prosecuted for this same “felony” simply because some of the drawn women are in risky situations. Have you seen Asian people? They DO look younger than they are almost 90% of the time! It’s not a stereotype – it’s a fact. They’re lucky. Not to mention the fact that this is also a felony that thousands of people can be charged with. If they’re sticking to this, what is going to come next? They’re going to sue the comic book stores that sell the merchandise? I don’t get it. I don’t understand how this can even really happen. And why did this man, of all the people in the world who read yaoi, get chosen for this media circus?

“They found his manga, and found some objectionable panels,” Gaiman said. “He’s been arrested for having some drawings of rude things in manga. I’m sorry, but if you went through my comic collection, you could arrest me if you’re going to start doing that. It’s just wrong.”

Neil Gaiman obviously agrees with me in this article from MTV. The whole thing is ridiculous. I’m crossing my fingers that the case doesn’t stick and we can all laugh at this in years to come. The fact that it’s already gone on for over a month is just sad and pathetic.

I should get back to work.

I’m Loved!

I Love Your Blog Aw, so I got tagged for this meme by Amanda who I recently made friends with through NaBloPoMo. She apparently likes my blog so much she thought I deserved this little badge-thingy. I feel special.

Here are the rules as I see them: Answer the following questions with one word only (I almost forgot that part), then tag five other blogs who you feel are awesome and deserve some form of recognition. Then they post the badge, answer the questions too, and tag the blogs they think are awesome. Easy. So here we go.

The Questions

01. Where is your cell phone? Desk.
02. Where is your significant other? Bathroom.
03. Your hair color? Blonde.
04. Your mother? Bed.
05. Your father? Bed.
06. Your favorite thing? Ash.
07. Your dream last night? Tower.
08. Your dream/goal? Travel.
09. The room you’re in? Den.
10. Your hobby? Dreaming.
11. Your fear? Failure.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Austin.
13. Where were you last night? Home.
14. What you’re not? Warm.
15. One of your wish-list items? Camera.
16. Where you grew up? Goondocks.
17. The last thing you did? Scratched.
18. What are you wearing? Pants.
19. Your TV? On.
20. Your pet? Sleeping.
21. Your computer? Cricket.
22. Your mood? Content.
23. Missing someone? Yessum.
24. Your car? Littlecar.
25. Something you’re not wearing? Shirt.
26. Favorite store? Michaels.
27. Your summer? Blur.
28. Love someone? Very.
29. Your favorite color? Green.
30. When is the last time you laughed? Now.
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday.

Favorite Blogs

01. Ash Niels
02. Leigh Jaszlics
03. Meg Smitherman
04. Mac Case
05. Jennifer of Tropical Fruit

That was actually kind of hard narrowing it down, but I think I did a good job. If I tagged you, don’t forget to post the “I Love Your Blog” badge in your blog. You deserve it – why? Because I love Your Blog. That’s right.

Ash just wandered out here with no pants on. I gotta go.

My Face Hurts from Laughing.

Seriously. I found this years ago, but rediscovered it just now. Oh my god, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Freakin’ hilarious.

My favorite part is the guy in the background completely oblivious. Oh my god. Seriously funniest thing I have ever seen. Oh man. Can’t breathe.

Actually, just search Asian BSB on YouTube. Their videos are absolutely ridiculous and absolutely genius. I cannot stop laughing. Their facial expressions are just awesome.

My Day.

I put my bowl of left-over baked beans down on the chair for a second and the next thing I know, Zane has jumped up and landed, butt-first (somehow), into my beans. So I had to wash off a cat butt and my yummy beans got ruined. Yuck.

Really, that’s the best summary of my day I can think of.

Oh and I found a dollar on the sidewalk this morning. The world loves me again.

The cat, well, not so much.

New Theme – Rainy Days

I didn’t think I’d do it, but I did, so here’s another theme for the day (I did manage to get three done in one day – go me!). This one is one that Ash really likes, so I’m extra proud of it. Same disclaimer as usual: No commercial use. Please leave the credits intact (you can move it, but I want to be able to find my link back here fairly easily). That’s really all. If you like these, let me know, and I’ll start making more. Want a personalized one? Commission me!

Rainy Days

A rainy two column design full of the cool wet air of a fresh thunderstorm. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella (or you could just dance in the rain).

This theme has been removed. You may purchase it at here.

If you have any problems with any of the designs, or need to ask some other question, feel free to contact me through comment here or email. I’ll try and help out in any way I can. I might make a page purely for my themes, but I won’t do that until I make enough of them to really deserve a full page. If you download or use any of these, let me know! I’d like to see my work in action. Any suggestions? I’d like to hear them!

Okay, I think I was pretty productive today, don’t you? Time for a relaxing rest of the night.