A Plea to the Powers that Be.

We voted. Have you?

Obama for President. Please let it be. Let it be. Equal rights are too big of an issue for me to want anyone else as President. You would think that more people would believe in it, but they don’t. Sad, but true.


I don’t want to go four more years feeling like a second class citizen because of my sexual orientation. I don’t want to keep feeling sub-human for loving who I do. I want to be equal. Dammit, I am equal, but is it selfish of me to want everyone else to see me that way? I think it’s my right as a citizen of the United States. It’s my right as a human being.

I want to stand beside my girlfriend, and tell her I love her, and someday say “I Do,” and I want to do it all in my own country if we want, and I want it to be legal. I want everyone to see us as a legitimate couple. It shouldn’t matter, really, but it’s become a matter of face now – I won’t back down and let someone tell me I shouldn’t be allowed the same privileges as a heterosexual couple simply because I’m a woman in love with another woman. I deserve equality. We deserve to be equal.

Obama for President.


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