Lesbians for Obama!

Of course I’d be hit with the “No People” bug today. Of all days. A little look into my not-so-secretive personal life: I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder a few years back (among other things). Nowadays, it’s better than what it used to be (I’ve been known to have panic attacks in malls and break down into tears whenever I had to leave the house for school), but I’ll still have my off days, usually when it’s triggered by something. Yesterday, I had a slight break down due to an uncomfortable message I got online, and today I’m having residual feelings of negativity.

What this basically means is that I’m going to have a hard time stepping out of the house and being around people. It’s election day. There’s no way I’m not going in to vote. I’m just hoping that by the time we get there (after noon when Ash gets off for work), people will be too busy registering and voting to look at me, because, really, it’s the looks that set me off. If I notice one person looking at me, I crumble into a pathetic pile of incomprehensible mush. Maybe in the next few hours I’ll be fine again and thing won’t set me off, but we’ll just have to see.

Anyway, I’ve finished my breakfast of strawberry yogurt and pinapple, and I’m going to try and be productive until Ash gets home. Time for some art!


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