Social Commentary.

Sometimes I think to myself, “I’d make a really good mom.” And then other days I watch a kid screaming and hitting his mother and I growl to whoever will listen, “I would rip that kid’s head off.” So maybe I wouldn’t get World’s Best Mother

That has nothing to do with why I wanted to post. Instead, I want to point you over to Eleventh Avenue South to read up on the murder case of Latiesha Green, and what conservative Radio Host Chris Baker has been saying on the topic. Because, honestly, I cannot even fathom how he could place the blame where he does. Just does not compute in my brain. What do you think of it? Is it the media’s fault for the death of gays and transgendered people because they promote open-mindedness and acceptance? Just crazy.

I have to head out to my psychiatrist now. Maybe I can get him to up my meds. I hope so – for once, I actually think that would be a good idea. Ciao.

2 responses to “Social Commentary.”

  1. Mac says:

    I have no patience, so I can take kids in small doses, but that’s about it. Kids complain too much sometimes, which is why pets exist.

    And I knew that conservative talk radio was terrible, but Chris Baker takes the prize for being a delusional lunatic. He isn’t just blaming the media-he’s also blaming the victim. He is basically saying that it’s your own fault if you are murdered if you don’t happen to fit in with traditional norms.

  2. Jennifer says:

    God there are way to many losers out there. Oh yes, and I put a white not badge on my page too and so did my daughter. On election day her and her friends wrote no on 8 all over their bodies and pinned it on paper to their clothes. She is only 12 and can’t understand why gays shouldn’t get married. Our aunts have been together for 25 years this January, they should be allowed to get married already.

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