Texas on my Mind.

I know I’ve been a grouch the last few days and I apologize. Today has actually been quite a good day. I skipped out on a boring class to make some money this morning, and I had a sudden realization as I sat at the computer creating the new Alumni 2009 Reunion brochure. I’m going to be in Texas in a few weeks. I’m going to be in Austin, Texas with my Ash celebrating Christmas. Texas! You have no idea how excited I am over this. I was almost screaming with happiness at Ash over the phone when I figured it out. Texas. Oh I can’t wait.


And on an entirely different, and more geeky note, who else is excited for WordPress 2.7? I still haven’t updated to 2.6.5, but I’ll try and squeeze that in tonight among all the packing and cleaning that has taken over the house. I have to get mine updated as well as Ash’s, Meg’s, and Mac’s (the SBird Crew as I refer to them as in my own little world). Gotta love WordPress. How can anyone say Blogger is better?

Alright, I’m gonna work for another half an hour and then head over to the dark room to make my final prints for tomorrow’s class. That way I have roughly three to four hours to get some work done there before I pick up Ash from the kennels. Okay, go team!

4 responses to “Texas on my Mind.”

  1. Ash says:

    Not just Texas but Austin! It’s so beautiful! And you’ll get to meet my dad and Courtney and Ryan and Harry and Izzy! And we both get to meet Emerson! How cool is that?

  2. Jess says:

    When you guys move there I can come visit right?! I never got to go to Austin. 🙁

  3. Mac says:

    You’re going to love Austin. I’ve only been there once, but there is a lot to do there. I hope you like music!

  4. Jennifer says:

    It will be fabulous. A new adventure.

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