I Want a Robot.

No, I really do.

So anyone else absolutely appalled and hurt by Obama’s choice of speaker for his inauguration?

Rick Warren?

I keep waiting for someone to say it’s a sick joke.

In other news entirely, we’re gearing up to try and leave tomorrow, or at the latest Friday. But hopefully tomorrow. In celebration, I made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies tonight and we watched The Colbert Report and Whose Line Is it Anyway? and cuddle up under the blanket on the floor. It was really nice. I think I’m gonna head off to bed now. I’m tired.

But seriously. Rick Warren?! And this after Obama invites an LGBT marching band to play at the same event. And picks a transition team with several open and out members of the community. I understand he’s trying to play nicely with all sides, but couldn’t he have picked someone NOT Rick Warren? I wonder what his team thinks of that.

Ash is coughing. I hope she’s not getting sick. What a bad time for illness. Night all.

(Also, I wanted to add, I absolutely love Bruce Springsteen’s new song, “Working on a Dream.” It makes me happy whenever I hear it because it personifies perfectly my life right now. I just love it. It grows on me the more I hear it. Good song. Go look it up.)

3 responses to “I Want a Robot.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hmm… Sometimes I think that you have to look past the stupidity and think that perhaps there is a good reason he was picked. I know people whom are good people and I love them, but just can’t seem to deal with “gay”. That doesn’t make them inherently bad, just a bad choice. Perhaps Rick Warren can bring something to this that no one else could. You will get the same rights as everyone else. I truly believe that majority of people are on your side. The nuts are just louder.

    Anyway, don’t get sick anyone and be careful with your move. It is hard, I know, but sometimes the easy things are not the right things. This is right for you guys.

  2. Mac says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I don’t want Obama attempting to please his critics because I feel like that is ignoring the people who voted for him. On the other hand, people like my mom (someone who is pretty conservative) begin to like Obama a little more. I probably should google Rick Warren and actually find out who he is…

    I think Jennifer is right though. You guys do have the majority support, at least among the younger generation. I’m confident you’ll get your rights. Let’s just hope Warren doesn’t say anything nutty.

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