Give us the Change.

Oh man, everyone in the house is sick with some kind of cold/sinus thing. My throat and ears hurt like all get out and all I want to do lately is sleep. It’s a very miserable feeling. Ash and I did get out and play badminton today, but after awhile I just couldn’t take it anymore and we came inside. I’m ready for a nap now.

The inauguration of Barack Obama is coming up fast. The last few days, we’ve been watching a bunch of different documentaries. One was on what people in different countries think about America’s foreign policy called Internationally Speaking and I highly recommend it. It’s got some really great insight from both in and out of the country. Another one was on Coming Out in different countries, which nearly brought me to tears. Sometimes I take for granted that our country is so much more accepting than most others. Which is sad considering all the things people still say and believe here. Anyway, my point is that I can’t help but feel this overwhelming burden of hopelessness sometimes, but things are gonna change, if Obama keeps his many promises.

“The important thing in life is to try to live and do the best you can,” he says. “We done had it bad. Let us help give our children a better life, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren. Let’s try to give them a better life than we had. But anyway, just keep the good work going, is all I say.”

There was an interesting article over at CNN called “Obama is our Moses”, and if you overlook the flowering descriptions and sickening over-the-top empathy that CNN always pushes onto its readers, it really is inspiring that the man they interviewed has such strong beliefs because of the way he grew up. He’s a man that doesn’t take voting for granted. While I hope Obama keeps his promises for my own selfish reasons, it’s for people like this that I pray even more Obama doesn’t go back on his word. It’s people like this that really need and deserve to experience change more than anyone else. They believe it the most.

On a different note (and back to being selfish and talking about my own interests), I was interviewed by Sylvie at Fuel My Blog about blogging (what else?) and everything it entails. You can find the complete interview on their blog. Check it out!

One more step towards internet stardom.

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    That’s a really cool site, thanks for sharing!

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