First Openly Gay Leader.

Thought I’d share this before I head off to bed. It’s a bit old, but definitely still worth mentioning.

The 66-year-old’s appointment as interim leader – until elections in May – is seen by many as a milestone for the gay and lesbian movement, correspondents say.

“I don’t think her sexual orientation matters. Our voters are pretty liberal, they don’t care about any of that,” Skuli Helgeson, Social Democratic Alliance’s general secretary, told the BBC.

From the article: “First Gay PM for Iceland Cabinet.” How awesome is this? It’s pretty awesome. The modern world’s first openly gay leader, they say. You know, the world just keeps getting brighter and brighter. It’s getting better, Universe. Don’t give up on Earth just yet. We’re finally starting to pull together.

On Being Sick (Ick).

I’ve been pretty sick the last few days. And when I’m sick, I turn into a horrible, fiery, raging war, demon-monster with hair sticking straight up and eyes beaming out red lasers at anything and anyone that’s in my way. Swear to god. I hate being sick and I hate it even more when people attempt to fuss over me. Which makes me seem like an ungrateful witch, but when I’m sick, I like to pretend that I’m not and that I’m really Super Woman and I can do anything. So when people treat me like I’m sick, my stubborn ass does a 180 and I push myself so hard to be normal, that I make myself even sicker.

Which is why I’m still sick and I’m currently laying in bed trying not to throw up. Still. I wish I could just blame it all on my compromised immune system, but I know that I’m just hurting myself by not just acting like I should and be sick.

Because I was such a wench to her yesterday when she was just trying to take care of me, I promised Ash that I would take it easy and stay in bed today and let her pamper me. So we cuddled in bed and watched Charmed when we woke up and now she’s working on her rates for her pet business. She does pet sitting, training, photography, adoption counseling, and puppy-proofing, and she has her first potential client. I’m so proud of her for getting everything set up. I was helping her research which is why she gave me my computer (I’m trying to stay off of it today since it kind of makes me sicker), but since there isn’t much I can do while she figures it all out, I thought I’d blog.

One thing about being sick is that it’s helping me with one of my New Year’s resolutions: read more books. I’m currently reading A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Engle, who happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors. Troubling A Star is my favorite of her books, followed closely by my current read, and then Many Waters. Of course, A Wrinkle in Time will always hold a special spot being the first I ever read. But I love her books. They’re just classics. Anyway, yes, I’m reading more and it’s good. I should finish knitting my gloves, but even that makes me tired lately. Why do you always have to be tired when you’re sick?

I hate being sick.

A Male Homecoming Queen?!

Now this was something that made me smile this morning, despite being sick and feeling like my throat is trying to set itself on fire.

Real Drag Queen

And no, despite what you think, this wasn’t a Homecoming Drag Show or some gay-only contest. This was a real homecoming at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. A Mr. Ryan Allen, a drag queen that goes by the name Reann Ballslee, entered the contest under his drag persona and beat out two other girls for the title. You can read the whole article here: “School Crowns Male Homecoming Queen.” How uplifting is that? It seems that diversity is encouraged at the school and a man dressed as a woman is nothing to blink an eye at. In fact, it’s celebrated!

“I was very touched by how Mason was so supportive through the whole process of allowing a boy in a dress to run for homecoming queen,” Allen said in a phone interview. “It says a lot about the campus that not only do we have diversity but we celebrate it.”

To those of you who think the whole thing is just silly, take a moment to understand. Being a drag king, I sometimes forget that my persona, Taylor Hardon, isn’t real. I take on all of his mannerisms on stage. There are times I wish I could pretend to be him in real life circumstances because he is so much more confident than me, but dressing in drag isn’t taken too seriously. People see it as just another way to perform. It’s more than that though. Apparently there are some at George Mason University who do understand that Reann Ballslee isn’t just a made up face, she’s a part of who Ryan Allen is and they’re celebrating that! They are celebrating and accepting all parts of one of their gay students.

I don’t know. I just feel good about it. I don’t think it’s silly, I think it’s just downright cool that a student body would pick someone like that. I wish more schools worked that way.

I feel better today. I’m going to go outside and help Ash brush the pups.

Design Poll Time!

The quick flash of a thunderstorm today did wonders to my soul. As did the two skeins of rainbow yarn, circular needles, and double pointed needles I got today while out in town. I also got a few art supplies and some used books. So now I’m busy knitting some rainbow colored fingerless hobo gloves and matching hat and then off to bigger projects I think. Like socks. Or a sweater. Who knows.

But all that aside, I have a quick poll for you all. I’m in the process of moving all my themes and my portfolio to their own website for many reasons, but I need help with the name. Coyote Designs has always been the first choice, but Coyote is taken, so here are my other options:

Or should I do something completely different? Comment and tell me what you think and why you chose it. I’d really appreciate any feedback I can get.

Now back to watching the Westminster Dog Show and knitting. We were supposed to head out for Austin, TX tomorrow but the trip has been put on hold since things have just been so busy here and we haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for it. I was hoping we’d be there to celebrate Valentine’s Day in one of our favorite places, but it looks like that too will be postponed (as will our trip to see Mac). Who knows what will happen though. Just have to wait and see.

So go on, answer the poll!

Celebrate the Love.

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Watch. Share. Sign the pledge. It’s not too late to fight. Ash and I may not be married (yet), but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t have an impact on us. It physically hurts to know that there are still so many people out there who don’t see us as equals, who don’t see as human beings who deserve the right to be happy and to be ourselves. I cannot fathom it. I cannot understand how the dark ages are still oppressing us.

It’ll change. I know it will. We won’t give up.

Marriage On the same note, it’s Blog for Freedom to Marry Week. It’s sad that it’s come to this – where we have to actually spread the word about equal rights for marriage. Shouldn’t it be common knowledge? Shouldn’t it just be a given? Hasn’t it been said over and over again that we as human beings are all equal? So why is it then that we aren’t allowed the same rights? Even though this specific week is called Blog for Freedom to Marry Week, it doesn’t start or end with this week. We have to keep talking about it and sharing our stories and refusing to hide behind the ugly plaid lumberjack shirts in the closet (doesn’t every lesbian have one?). While I’m not married now, someday Ash and I will tie the knot and I hope by that time, we’re doing it legally and with our government’s blessing (honestly, when did it become the government’s decision?).

It’s a big thing, this whole marriage deal. Should it be? For the couple yes. But it shouldn’t be a big deal, at least in the negative sense, when two men or two women say their vows to each other and kiss as husbands and wives. It should be celebrated. It’s love.

Shouldn’t love always be celebrated?

Lesbian War-Hero?

“Servicemen continue to be fierce believers in the idea that diversity equals strength, yet during the Clinton effort on gay troops most of us rejected analogies to racial integration. The homosexual threat to good order and discipline was behavioral, we argued, not physiological, and therefore unrelated.

It was a flawed argument.”

From the article “An About-Face on Gay Troups”. It is increasingly easier to see acceptance rising in the ranks of former opponents – more so now than any other time. Under the guidance of rainbow lovers recently added to the White House (including Obama himself), it looks promising that even those who were initially against gay rights and gays serving in the armed forces are starting to take another look at their original arguments. And acknowledging that perhaps gays do not join the army to check out their barrack buddies in the showers (because, you know, losing an arm or getting shot through the head is totally worth it just to get a glimpse of a man (not) in uniform).

Not that I have any plans at all on joining the troops in good ol’ Sam’s war. But it’s good to know that if I fall and break my head and suffer from amnesia and someone tells me I’m a purple heart war-hero lesbian, well, at least I can tell the world I’m a purple heart war-hero lesbian and not have to hide it.

Do you think we’re heading in the right direction?

Blogger/WordPress Theme!

I finally got around to creating a theme for both Blogger (or Blogspot) and WordPress. I thought it was a good design to jumpstart my introduction to Blogger Themes while keeping up with my WordPress themes. Please keep the credits intact if you download and use it. Thank you!

Sheep in a Field

Three-column design , featuring a few sheep, some birds, and a little springtime to cheer you up from the Winter blues. You don’t have to be part of the flock to use this theme.

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Sheep Field

If you have any problems with any of the designs, or need to ask some other question, feel free to contact me through comment here or email. I’ll try and help out in any way I can. If you like this theme, let me know and I’ll start making more like it. If you want a personalized theme for your Blogger/Blogspot/Wordpress blog, check out my portfolio and contact me for more information.


My Office.

My art desk/office is where I usually blog, draw, color, or fool around on the internet and it’s probably my favorite place (after, of course, right beside my girlfriend). I figured I should share with you a little look into my life and where I spend my time since it is almost always where I sit (except right now since I’m typing this in the living room).


It’s a little messy and crowded, but I love it. If I’m not drawing (which I am here), my sketchbook is replaced with my laptop and my art desk is transformed into my design office. Nifty, huh? I’m so clever sometimes.

But only sometimes. (I’m boring tonight. It’s been a long day.)

The Political Lesbian.

This is probably some of the most exciting news I have heard yet (undoubtedly for personal reasons which I feel I don’t really have to say – my biased point of view is most likely well-known to those of you who are reading).

“Obama Picks Lesbian To Be White House Associate Counsel.”

Of course her orientation doesn’t have anything to do with why she was picked, but it does give reason for celebration by the GLBT community for finally being given some limelight in the White House. Alison Nathan has a big job to do when it comes to legal matters, but I feel like this is yet another HUGE step in terms of civil rights. All of a sudden, the ball is in our court and things might actually start getting done. She’s been working for Obama for awhile (being the head of his Gay Advisory Committee) and his decision in picking her is an unspoken promise that everything is going in the right direction.

(See? Sometimes I can be like a good, little, political lesbian.)