Back in Wisconsin.

Ash and I are currently in Wisconsin. We got here Thursday night at about 9:30pm. I didn’t make any mention that we were going to be here because the whole point was to surprise my fifteen year old sister who was in a musical this weekend for her school. She had really wanted us to come and see her but we told her we couldn’t. She was certainly surprised when Spunky came racing into the house and scared her! Her musical was on Friday night and the whole family went and she was great! I’m so proud of her.

Even though I surprised Emi, I’m pretty sure I got the biggest surprise. My dad bought Ash and I and him tickets to see Great Big Sea at the House of Blues in Chicago yesterday! It was unbelievable. We were only a few feet from the b’ys as they played their hearts out and I actually got teary when they came out on stage. I have been trying to see them in concert for the past seven years and I’ve had tickets twice and something always came up and I couldn’t see them. I kept thinking on the drive to Chicago that something horrible would happen and we wouldn’t see them. There would be an accident or the band was sick or our tickets were bad or something. I’m so glad I didn’t jinx myself.

We were planning on going back today, but the weather was pretty bad, so when we were discussing what we should do, Ash suggested we just stay till Friday and then go down and spend the weekend with Ted, her step-dad. Everyone loved that idea so here we are, still in Wisconsin. We’ve already got the week planned and Ash and I are going go see Shelly and the baby tomorrow (we saw them yesterday but only for a short time). We’ll see what else we end up doing.

The dial-up here at the house sucks and goes in an out, but when we head to Shelly’s I’ll bring my laptop and take advantage of her wireless so I can get classes started and possibly get some of my designs that I made up in the shop (and get some stuff down for clients – I haven’t forgotten). It’ll be good.

Today, we’re taking it easy. Yesterday’s concert wore us all out and my legs are killing me from jumping and my voice hurts from screaming and my hearing hasn’t completely come back. Still. It was amazing. Totally worth it.

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  1. Amanda says:

    GBS!!! I’m jealous!

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