Egg Hunt, Anyone?

A man from the local church knocked on the door this morning to let us know that they were having a meeting about Easter soon. Ash’s mom answered the door and came back to tell us what he said.

Ash: “What did he want?”
Her Mom: “To tell us that the most important holiday in the bible is coming up.”
Ash (puzzled): “What’s that?”
Her Mom: “Easter.”
Ash (excited and waving hands wildly around her head): “EASTER! We gotta do eggs!”
Her Mom: “I don’t think that’s what he wanted to remind you to do.”

In any case, Ash and I are now completely excited over painting eggs and hiding them around the house and getting lots of chocolate. Yeah, yeah, I know the whole Christian religious meaning behind it, but I’d rather dance around naked in the backyard and pretend I’m Ä’ostre and eat lots of eggs. Makes more sense to me. Maybe minus the naked part. I don’t think our neighbors would appreciate that.

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