Sacrificial Television & Miracle Fish.

Today was another day spent outside playing basketball, though we did take a few minutes to charge down into the basement and start making lists of the things that we are taking with us to Austin (the rest will go into storage).

Unfortunately, there is one thing that won’t be going with us. Our TV. Which is now dead.

See, last night we had a scare. At around 12:30am we put the cats up for the night (they sleep in the laundry room so they don’t tear the house apart), and around 2:30am we finally came to bed. I was under the blankets already when I hear Ash say, “Oh my god.” At first, I had no idea what was wrong. She was standing by the TV with her head down, staring at something behind it. When she moved back, I finally realized what was so terrible.

At this point in the story, this has nothing to do with the TV. We’ll get to that. This is more important.

Oh the bookshelf behind the TV is where Galileo and Aristotle, our two bettas, live and swim (in separate tanks, of course). As soon as Ash had backed away, I saw that there was only one tank. Aristotle was swimming happily in his, but where Galileo’s tank was supposed to be was nothing but empty space. Ash reached down and picked up Galileo’s empty and broken tank and then very slowly picked up the fish that had now been in the carpet for at least two hours. Both of us thought he would be nothing but dry and dead, but when she picked him up, she found him still wet! And alive!

Quickly, because she’s amazing in the face of emergencies, Ash put him into a small bowl with fresh water and healing drops and he swam around in no time. We transferred him to a glass jar and put him back up on the shelf with his brother. From what we’ve deduced, sometime before I put the cats up for the night, one of them had managed to pull down his tank and somehow didn’t eat him when he fell on the carpet. But that fish had been out of water for AT LEAST two hours and he lived to tell the tale. Insane.

We should expect it from our fish though. We have miracle fish. Yep. Don’t believe me? Go read this story about the time one of our cats ATE Aristotle and then spit him back up, and that fish is still doing fine. Seriously. Miracle Fish.

What does this have to do with the TV? Well while our fish managed to float by unharmed, the TV wasn’t so lucky. About twenty minutes ago we tried to turn the TV on for the first time since yesterday and discovered it dead. DEAD. Won’t even flicker. When the cat pulled over the fish tank, some of the water must have hit the TV and was enough to kill it. Ash is currently attempting to dry it out with a hair dryer and rescue the poor thing, and I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be okay though it certainly isn’t looking good.

While I’m happy Galileo made it safely, I really wish this hadn’t of happened. Why is that things like this take place right before big events that need money? We can’t afford a new TV. This just sucks. Seriously. Why do things like this happen? I’m thankful we have our fish, but why did the TV have to get sacrificed? Not fair.

Guess we’ll just have to go back to living in the Stone Age. And watch movies on our laptops like cavemen.

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