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I don’t know where the title came from. I think someone said it on TV. Anyway.

“To this day, there are those who insist the Holocaust never happened – who perpetrate every form of intolerance — racism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and more — hatred that degrades its victim and diminishes us all. Today, and every day we have an opportunity, as well as an obligation to confront these scourges.”

Just thought I’d share that little quote from President Obama. You can read the whole article here: At Capitol, Obama Reflects on Lessons of Holocaust. I think this is a good reflection time – to see what hatred can do. There are hate groups everywhere that need to just open their eyes and learn from the past.

In other news, Ash and I have officially opened our new Rescue Animals blog and information site: I Love Rescue Animals. Our twitter (@RescueAnimals) has grown from 0 to 300 followers in three weeks (we got 55+ followers just today) and it’s already starting to get bigger than we really imagined. I’m happy – we’re actually doing something great! I say “we,” but really, it was all Ash who started it and does all the twittering and reading of articles. I’m just kind of here to look pretty.

Still in Austin, still doing some web stuff, still job hunting. Same old, same old.

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