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Designing. Music. The two go hand in hand. No, I’m serious. If I want to do any sort of work at all, be it designing or coding or sketching out ideas, I have to have music. For awhile it was Tamaki Nami and Koda Kumi and anything JPop; cute asian girls who can belt out perky songs while dancing like crazy really helps my motivation. Then I went through an 80s phase where Journey was at the top of my playlist, closely followed by a step forward into some crazy hip hop that I almost never listen to. I don’t know, I guess I needed a good beat.

Now? Now I’m listening to the Innocent Mission and Kate Rusby and basically any female folk singer. My music tastes are far and wide, and Pandora Radio has been my best friend lately. It has broaden my horizons, so to say.

This led me to thinking though. What do other designers listen to? This in turn led to, What would a compilation of designers’ playlists sound like? So I have proposition for all you designers out there: Design Music!Inspiration.

Design Music!Inspiration

This is a project open to any designer. Comment on this post and I will send you a short list of interview questions that have to do with your musical tastes. I will then ask you to choose one song that sums up all the music that you find design inspiration in. In a week or two (depending on how many responses I get), I’ll put it all together in a post that will contain each interview as well as a playlist of the ultimate Design Inspiration.

Ready to begin? Then let’s go! Comment and let me know if you want in on this great great project; this Design Music!Inspiration!

Designers Signed Up:

Jess of Delicious Design Studio
Rachel of Antithete
Cristina of Darth Cena
Jan of Dawghouse Design Studio
Gaya of Gaya Design
Lelia of Lelia Thomas (if she has time)
Meggan of
Nicole of Nicole Charshaf

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(Edit 5/10/09: Smashing Magazine has put a pretty great article along the lines of my post. It’s calledDrawing Inspiration from Music. Check it out!)

7 responses to “Design Music!Inspiration”

  1. Cristina says:

    Ohhh interesting! I’d love to take part! 😀

  2. I’m not sure how much I can participate, given this is the last few weeks of my university life. :/ At any rate, you’re welcome to see what I’m listening to on and use it however you like. 🙂

    I listen to a lot of alternative rock, singer-songwriter stuff and indie music.

  3. Jan says:

    Count me in 🙂

  4. Gaya says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Saw this post on your Twitter page. I for one think music is very important for my inspiration and spend a lot of time listening and getting new music. I’d love to take part in this research, contact me and we’ll get this rolling 😀

    Sneak preview (


  5. […] friend Nikki over at Coyote Design has embarked on a project in which she’d like to know what music inspires us web designers. I was interviewed about my music, so I thought I would share the interview with you […]

  6. Meggan says:

    I’m in! Let me know what I have to do.

  7. I have been exploring different ways to inspire myself in the past 6 months (especially while I am in a creative funk) and think that this is a great project, sign me up! 🙂

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