Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

Today is the official Blogging for LGBT Families Day, put together by Dana of Mombian. In lieu of the recent events of allowing same-sex marriages in several states and the awful continuation of Prop 8 in California, I feel that this day is an important recognition of the love and commitment that so many families – gay, lesbian, or straight – have shared with the rest of the world.

I am a lesbian in a very loving relationship with my girlfriend of (almost) two years. While we don’t have a conventional family, we do have a lot of kids: Spunky, Zane, Akima, Merlin, Drake, Nate, Chunky, Morgan, Meetu, Sahara, Phoebe, Kendi, Galileo, and Aristotle. One dog, three cats, two ferrets, three rats, two leopard geckos, one ball python, and two lovely fish. No, no human children yet, but it is something that we have discussed and we both agree and want to have children. She wants twin boys, I want a little girl, but I know that no matter what gender we finally have, we will love him or her unconditionally. That is what a family is – a tight bond of love that flows without limits. To those who feel that they have the right to say that some people do not deserve that sort of family and that sort of love, I would like to them to think about what life would be like being denied it simply because someone had a different opinion.

The main argument against same-sex marriage is that homosexuality is a sin within the bible. While I’d like to see it in writing other than in the Old Testament, I’d also like to know when the USA (and the world) had become a place with just one religion. To deny a family to be complete with marriage simply because ONE religious text says it is not right is not only taking away what should be an equal right for all, but also takes away a person’s freedom of and from religion. Ash and I have a family that is open and loving and cares for all things and believes in many things. We don’t have a conventional family or a conventional relationship or a conventional view on life, but who can possibly say what is conventional in this day and age, especially in the melting pot that is America.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, colors and genders, traditions and cultures, and each deserves the respect and rights that all families are entitled to. Lesbian and gay families, and all untraditional families, have the same rights to happiness and love that everyone does, and until that fact is recognized for what it is, we shall continue to fight and celebrate days like today. That is why I am blogging today in honor of LGBT Families Day: I have one and I know many more and there is no shortage of love when it comes to these wonderful close-knit families.

Life is good and it just keeps getting better.

Blogging for LGBT Families

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  1. Mom says:

    Way To Go, Nikki you said it all. People who say cruel things about the subject matter do not have gay children or know anything about gay children who were brought to be loving ,caring and who were nutured and in turn will do the same for their kids if they choose to have them . I know my child and her partner will make very good parents . And I hope I see the day when no one has negitive thought about the matter. Their are so many gays and Lesbians that need,want and deserve to be parents. I Love You, Pumpkin Pie!!!!

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