12 Illustrators to follow on Twitter

Who are your favorite illustrators? Are they on twitter? Well, I can’t tell you for sure if they are, but I can give you some names of other illustrators who grace the pages of Twitter with their wonderful artwork. Here are 12 of my favorite illustrators that you can add as well.

01. @annejulieart
Anne-Julie Art
Name: Anne-Julie Aubry
Website: Ma Petite Theiere

02. @meghunt
Meg Hunt
Name: Meg Hunt
Website: Meg Hunt

03. @bcolbow
Brad Colbow
Name: Brad Colbow
Website: The Brads

04. @davemckean
Dave McKean
Name: Dave McKean
Website: Dave McKean

05. @erikamoen
Erika Moen
Name: Erika Moen
Website: Dar Comic

06. @krisdresen
Kris Dresen
Name: Kris Dresen
Website: Girl Throw

07. @andrewackroyd
Andrew Ackroyd
Name: Andrew Ackroyd
Website: Andrew Ackroyd

08. @ursulav
Ursula V
Name: Ursula Vernon
Website: Metal and Magic

09. @quirkybird
Quirky Bird
Name: Dylan Meconis
Website: Dylan Meconis

10. @heathersloane
Heather Sloane
Name: Heather Sloane
Website: Heather Sloane Illustration

11. @loishh
Name: Lois van Baarle
Website: Loish.net

12. @kevadamson
Kev Adamson
Name: Kev Adamson
Website: Kev Adamson

And I’m not modest enough to leave out some shameless promotion. Do you know I have a twitter too? Yeah? Well why aren’t you following me?


Have other illustrators you feel should be on this list? Let me know!

5 responses to “12 Illustrators to follow on Twitter”

  1. […] but today I received in the mail the necklace I won from Anne-Julie Aubry (who happens to be the top illustrator on twitter that I posted about). I took this as a sign, so today’s artist showcase will be Anne-Julie […]

  2. Kev Adamson says:

    Thanks for listing me 🙂

    Kevin Cornell is another one – he’s also very funny: http://twitter.com/bearskinrug

  3. Hi Nikki!

    Great choices, and of course it’s OK with some self-promotion! 🙂
    Some of these illustrators were new to me. I’ve a list of the most popular freelance illustrators. Meg Hunt is on that list too! Check out the toplist here!

  4. Steve Mahner says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for this great list 🙂
    Another I’ve just discovered, David Dark’s work : https://twitter.com/darkillustrate

    keep up the great work Nikki.

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