5 Ways to Make a Happier Day

Beautiful LifeMondays are generally the most stressful day of the week (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and – well, weekdays can just be bad), and if you’re like me and tend to just drag at the beginning of the week, then you might find it useful to do a few things that make yourself feel good. And what better way to make yourself feel good but by making other people (or animals) feel good. So here’s a short list of some things you can do during your day to make the world a better place with just a few small well-placed happy gestures.

01. Smile.

Really. That’s it. Ever hear that smiling is contagious? It’s true. You smile at her, she smiles at him, he smiles at someone else, and it just keeps going. A smile is a good thing. Do it. It can brighten the darkest of days and the crankiest of souls.

02. Drop A Penny

Alright, so maybe some people classify this as littering, but doesn’t it feel great to find a heads-up penny? It’s like your whole day is just MADE because of that one penny. Good luck is to be found everywhere after you pick that penny up. So why not pass it along? When I find myself with some loose change, I purposely drop a penny (and if it’s not heads-up, I discreetly turn it over). Who knows whose day it’ll make?

03. Post-It!

If you work in an office, I doubt you will find a shortage of post-it notes. During a particular bad day at work, I came back to my computer one day to find that someone had left a post-it note on my computer that just said: “You make people smile.” In a split second, my bad day had been turned around, and not only that, but the note inspired me to do a good turn for someone else. It’s a small gesture, but wow does it really give someone a self-esteem boost. Try it and find out.

04. Volunteer Your Time

Alright so maybe you can’t do this in just one day, but volunteering at a local good-cause organization can be one of the most inspirational things you could ever do. Animal shelters, women’s shelters, food shelves, community events, there are so many places that could use your time. Try googling your local area, searching the phone book, and asking around. You’re sure to find someplace (and drag your friends along – the more the merrier!).

05. Transport An Animal

Okay, okay, maybe this one is the hardest of all of them, but the amount of cats and dogs currently being euthanized is unbearable. What can we do to save them? We can help transport animals from high-kill shelters to rescues and foster homes that have space. To do this though, we need volunteers to drive them from place to place and take them to safety. Every life counts and the more animals we can save means the happier the world will be. To learn more or sign up to a transport volunteer, check out I Love Rescue Animals.

While this list varies from easy things to do for the world to slightly more time-consuming, every one of these items is important. Do one or do all of them and your day is going to be a lot better for it.

I hope you have an amazing day.

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