A Sad Day for our Family.

Brody and Ash

Brody Hupp-Niels-Jeske
“The Dalai-Lama of dogs.”
July 15, 2008 – June 2, 2009
Adopted into our family January 15, 2009

Taken from us far too soon, we will never forget you, Brody-bear.

    5 responses to “A Sad Day for our Family.”

    1. Jan says:

      That’s sad :( What happened?

    2. oh, nikki! i’m so sorry! i know how much your kids mean to you – you must be absolutely devastated. *squeezes you tight*

    3. Cristina says:

      :( I am so sorry.

    4. Bryna says:

      Found your site through a post on @natalie’s twitter page – saw this update and HAD to respond.

      Lost our schnoodle, Doogie Schnauzer MD in Feb this year after only having him for just over a year. Here he is on the Ceasar millan website, a tribute I was grateful for: http://www.cesarmillaninc.com/gallery/

      As a complete stranger who’s dogs are like kids as well, I just wanted to tell you it will get better over time, and your heartache will turn into fond, joyful memories. My thoughts and virtual hugs are with you.

      All the best,

    5. […] One year ago today, our Brody was whisked away from us. A neighbor left the door open and Brody, our beautiful little golden pup, took off out the door and was hit by a truck. A truck that didn’t even stop to see if he was okay. I still have nightmares about it, seeing it all happen over and over again. It’s been a year and certainly doesn’t feel like it. […]

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