Blog of the Week/Month/Whatever

Wow, a post on the weekend you say? She must be mad! Yes, yes, I’m mad. I’m also bored out of my mind and sick of looking at duplexes online (with the amount of houses I spent snooping around today in the unbearably sweltering heat of the Texan sun, I am completely surprised I wasn’t either 1: arrested as a potential serial cat burglar, or 2: shoveled off the pavement in the form of a melted pile of sizzling egg-goop (what a great description, huh?) – either of those were open options). Anyway, have a blog post.

As some of you may have noticed, I am a blogger. Therefore, I love to read blogs too (crazy, huh?). So because I enjoy sharing the happy little nuggets of good reads (and I haven’t done it in quite awhile), I thought I’d throw another blog at you to add to your feed reader.


Run Jen Run

Not only is Jenny a witty writer, but she’s a fantastic photographer, and a wonderful client to work with. She was one of my first (and still one of my favorite) blog clients to work with professionally and her feedback was fantastic as well. Anyway, as a blogger, she is charming, intelligent, and downright hilarious at times. I love her Photobooth Chronicles the best – who knew you could say so much in just four small pictures.

Jenny is also the founder of the ever-growing TequilaCon, which is something I hope to attend next year depending on where they decide to hold it (hey, idea! Austin? Seriously, I’m totally throwing it in the ring here, guys). Tattoos, tequila, and bloggers? There really is nothing better.

Anyway, check out Jenny and all of her awesome photos, blogs, and tequila love over at her snazzy blog Run Jen Run. You won’t be sorry you did (but you will be sorry if you don’t – just saying).


Okay not really, but maybe that got your attention. Remember when I said I was going camping and I lied and stayed home instead? Yeah, well now instead of telling you I’d be gone, I just up and deserted the blog. I’m actually in Austin at the moment – I drove another car-full of crap down to storage and I also had an interview (which I must say was probably the best experience I’ve ever had in an interview – everyone was so chill and laid back and easy to laugh). I’m going back to the good old Smokey Mountains on Sunday, but until then, I’ve been hanging out with Ash’s family, going to a Queen Sing-a-Long with her brother (you are all so jealous of my stick-on Freddie Mercury mustache), and attempting to not melt my brain in this heat (and gosh, it’s hot!). I’ve also been looking through the paper and online trying to find us a place to stay. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Ash’s dad, and tomorrow her sister and I are going to go house hunting.

All of this is to say that there is a reason behind my lack of blog posts (though it is by no means an excuse since I was going to try and have some set up to post while I was gone but I simply ran out of time and, well, didn’t do it). Hopefully you can forgive me – I’ll try and make up for it in the coming weeks by posting at least once a day when I get home.

This post is so sad you don’t even get a picture. No time, no time. But to make up for it, have a really bizarre Jackie Chan commercial.

I’m still not quite sure what just happened, but Jackie Chan kicking butt on a Segway? There’s nothing else quite as cool.