Geekery at its Best (and Hottest)!

I’m one of those rare species referred to as a “Girl Gamer” (though, seriously, I honestly don’t think we’re so rare – I know A LOT of girl gamers and to think that we’re a minority is kind of insulting). My drug game of choice? World of Warcraft. Both Ash and I have been out of commission for the past year I think for lack of funds, but in the coming weeks we’ll be starting up our characters again (the sole reason of my getting an office job is to pay for my addictions, you see). I hesitate to give our out names and server because it is more likely we’ll be switching soon and starting anew since it’s been so long (though I’m not sure I want to give up my Glenwyn Belf quite yet). In any case, I’ll keep you informed (because you care).

The other reason for this post. This:

Because there’s always that slim chance that someone has not seen it, I thought I’d post it (again? I think? I’m pretty sure I already posted this when it first came out but I can’t find the original entry).

Come on. Felicia Day? In character? Hot. (Also, be sure to check out The Guild. Funny stuff.)

2 responses to “Geekery at its Best (and Hottest)!”

  1. Arantxa says:

    Oh, I so know how you feel. My boyfriend wants to play WoW again, but he says he won’t do it because it’s the best for our relationship.

    I guess he’s right then. I mean, seeing that he’s a real game nerd and that he’s saying that… that game has got to be addicting 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    My hubby and I play WoW together. We have since just before BC came out. If you two don’t want to start from scratch and level all the way to 80 from 1, and trust me, its becoming a huge pain in the ass for my 61 huntard, then you can schill out some $$ and buy the server transfer as well as a faction change or race change. Plus, if you plan on doing the server transfer and want a new name, before you start the transfer, go make a new toon on the server you’re transferring TO with the same name as the one you’re transferring. Free name change 😉

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