Excuse Me? I thought I was in Texas.

Someone forgot to give Cold Miser the memo: TEXAS DOESN’T HAVE SNOW. Let me break it down for you.

This is where I live. It’s this nice little state in the SOUTH called TEXAS.

The place where it does not snow

This? This is what is NOT supposed to happen.


Could someone please make this stop? Like now. I’d like to be able to drive home without being hit by a Texan driver that has never seen snow or ice in his life. People here are already pre-panicking and it hasn’t even stuck on the ground.

In conclusion. This is Texas. Snow does not belong here. Please make it stop.


3 responses to “Excuse Me? I thought I was in Texas.”

  1. Lelia Thomas says:

    Welcome to the deep south! lol Where my family is in Mississippi, they still occasionally get a one or two-inch layering of snow, every several years. It’s definitely hilarious how locals react to it, too.

    Australia had a similar thing. In Melbourne, there was 25 inches of rain annually, so more than what we get in some of the desert climates here in NV, AZ and NM. However, people would get downright freaked out if there was more than a drizzle (which Melbourne almost perpetually keeps). As in, people won’t go out as much and stuff. High winds scare them, too.

    It’s a relative, eh?

    It’ll be warm tomorrow!

  2. Aisling says:

    Well, where I live, we got 3 feet of snow this weekend, so it could be worse! 😛

  3. Leigh says:

    Here, there’s a frozen carpet of snow and ice on the ground, and I have to keep my oven turned on in addition to my heaters to prevent my apartment from freezing completely.

    And there’s perfect powder in the mountains,, and I haven’t even begun to break in my snowshoes for the season. ♥

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