Resolutions are upon us!

Snailbird Resolutions

In the spirit of the New Year, I have come up with a few resolutions. Generally I try not to make specific resolutions. Instead I’ll say something generic like, “I will be happy this year,” or “I will smile to strangers more,” or “I will come to a full stop at stop signs and not just slow down.” Okay maybe not so generic, but you get what I mean. Anyway, this year I’m going to work on improving myself (and try to stop for stop signs as well). Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Lose Weight

I never said my resolutions were going to be creative. I know everyone and their mother is on a diet right now (it seems to be the trend), but for health reasons, I need to shed a few pounds. Nothing drastic, but I am hoping to at least lose 20 by March. That gives me a long time to lose a small amount, so while this isn’t a gigantic achievement for some people, I feel that this will make me healthier in the long run. I don’t want to say I’m fat, but since we’ve moved, it’s harder for me to keep weight off when all I do is sit at an office desk all day. This resolution also entails not only losing weight, but keeping it off, and developing healthier eating habits. More veggies, less fast snacks.

Less Caffeine

When I started my job back in August, I had at least 3 cups of coffee a day. I’m down to about 1 a week now and I’m proud of myself. If I do have a cup, it’s right in the morning to wake me up. My coke intake has also dropped dramatically since we moved from Tennessee – heck, it dropped when we moved from Wisconsin. But I still feel I drink too much, so I pretty much want to replace any coffee with green tea, and any cokes with juice – or, better yet, water. Hand-in-hand with this is my dehydration issues. I want to drink more water and yeah, I know this might add in some water-weight, but it’s healthier than the alternative. Water should replace caffeine.

Be More Observant

I am the first to admit that I am pretty oblivious to the rest of the world most of the time. I have my head up in the clouds and I forget that 1) there are other people in the world and 2) these other people deserve more of my attention. Sometimes, I come off as self-aware, other times I simply come off as self-involved. These are two different things, but while I do not purposefully ignore/avoid/neglect people (this includes my girlfriend, my family, and my friends), it eventually ends up with me unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings. To me, this is my most important resolution: Be more Observant. Live outside myself. Show, don’t just tell, others that I care and that I’m not always the unthinking individual I often times seem to be. Think more about how my actions impact others. Really listen to what people are saying, don’t just take a statement at face value; sometimes people are trying to tell you something with their eyes when their words are saying something else. LISTEN. To sum: Be More Observant.

Do More Personal Projects

Now these next three things could all be rolled into one, but I want to try and separate them out since they all have their own individual importance to me.

Draw Everyday

For a few years, I stopped drawing. Pretty much through college I stopped drawing. I just felt… squashed. I didn’t know where to turn for creativity. My senior year was a bit better. Ash was a primary source of inspiration; she got me to start going to Figure Drawing sessions, I got back into photography, I started painting again. It felt good. When we moved to Tennessee, she bought me a gigantic case of Prismacolor Markers and Colored Pencils and made sure I had my own space to be creative. Here in Austin, she bought me my first (amazing) drawing table and set up my office with my easel and supplies so I’d always have a place to go to be artistic. With her motivation, I not only became an artist again, but I started defining my style and realized again how much I wanted to be an illustrator. So this year, I want to try and draw everyday, whether it’s just a doodle or the beginning (or ending) of a large project. I owe it to myself.

Create a Design Every Week(?)

There’s a question mark here because I originally had Month there, but then I decided to see if I could push myself to churn something out once a week – even if it’s just a simple design for my shop. With my day job, it’s sometimes hard to make myself get back on the computer when I get home, but if I set aside at least an hour every few days to work on something either for myself, for Design Coyote, or for one of Ash’s projects, I think it’d be a good way to get the creative juices going. I spend time of course for my clients, but this is more for personal projects. It’s therapeutic.

Get the Comic Rolling!

I posted the first 15 comics of the The Family Menagerie here, but they were the rough sketches. I’ve started inking the final copies of these, and have quite a few more sketches done. Once we get it off the ground, I want to churn out at least one comic a week. The website is actually up and functional, but I wanted to finish up the pages and tweak it a bit more before I officially give it the world. The website is actually a Christmas Present for Ash – I revealed it to her for our Christmas and she loved it. I’m hoping the rest of the web comic community feels the same way. We’ll see! This resolution is the most exciting to me. I have a very good feeling about it (and it will help with the “Draw Everyday” resolution). This is a team project (Ash writes most of the script for it) so I think this will also be the easiest resolution. Woot!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

8 responses to “Resolutions are upon us!”

  1. Aisling says:

    Good resolutions! I haven’t really made any this year (except I *am* commenting on more blogs, but it’s less of a resolution and more of an experiment), but I really should try to cut down on caffeine. It’s starting to scare me not only how fast my heart gets after an energy drink, but how slow it seems without one, like it might just stop. 😛

  2. Cristina says:

    Your first two are my main resolutions. I need to lose 20lbs ASAP before my wedding. I’ve also been on a no-coffee diet since December 31st, 2009 having replaced coffee with tea. I’ve been eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast too, and I can honestly say I’m feeling better already. 🙂

    Good luck with everything Nikki. I know can do it!

    Btw, I’ve tried to add you as a contact on LinkedIn but I don’t know if you’ve gotten it yet or not? … ?

  3. Nikki says:

    Aisling: Ooh that should be a resolution for me too. I need to comment more. Maybe that’ll fall into Be More Observant. ^_~

    Cris: Isn’t it crazy how eating breakfast kind of changes things? I never realized it until I started eating a granola every morning – not a lot, but it makes a difference. And I hadn’t logged in to LinkedIn in awhile – did it and added you!

  4. Aunt Liane says:

    ok so i am thinking that the be more observant had something to do with me having you check your phone number in my phone. LOL I am just as guilty. I think you have something with the first 3 those are mine pretty much but those just sort of continue from year to year, but this year is my year…… i want to be more observant that is pretty important to me I look around at family and friends and they are changing and getting older. Time is flying and I have to enjoy the time i can with the people i love. Even if it is long distance…. Love Ya Nikki. Happy new year and I loved seeing you. I will come visit hopefully this spring would be good.

  5. Jenny says:

    Sounds like a plan to me! 😀

  6. carmen says:

    Hahah tell me about it–every January, the gym at my school gets 10x busier for about a month, and then by February it’s back to the way it was before–pretty hilarious!
    I’m actually trying to loose about 10lbs by March as well–yay for being uncreative?

    Being observant sounds like a good resolution too–I spend most of my time thinking about nothing and get so caught up in school that I don’t even bother following current events or phone my parents :p

    Good luck on your resolutions!

  7. Chris says:

    I knew that everyone was on a diet. I didn’t realize even the mothers are! I’m with you on the weight loss project. I could lose around 20 pounds as well.

    And my personal project is to plant a mango tree.

  8. Vira says:

    My new years resolutions are similar to yours. The projects are different, but “draw every day” is on mine too. Mainly I need to focus on how to manage all the many many hobbies of mine into my life while still going to school and working. It’s going to be a challenge, but I don’t want to be a lazy procrastinator any longer.

    Good luck with yours!

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