Introducing The Family Menagerie!

My fine and fair Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been working endlessly (okay, not quite so endlessly since this week was mostly taken up with SLEEP and SICKNESS) to bring to the web a brand new web comic of unrivaled epic proportions. Day and night for the past months, this thing has been in my head. Ash and I have been working on it for well over year, and it is finally, FINALLY, up for the world to see.

I give you … *drumroll* …

The Family Menagerie

We have about 20-something comics already sketched out and ready to go, so it’s going to be updated every Monday from here on out. More pages/downloads/goodies will be added as we continue on this little adventure. Eventually the comic will expand to events in our lives not related to animals, but for now, that’s the focus. And trust me, that gives us enough content for life.

Check it out, give us a shout, and tell us what you think. And keep checking back for more comics and more updates. Welcome to The Family Menagerie!

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  2. Aisling says:

    Uhh, that’s just one of the most adorable things I’ve seen since ever! 😀 It looks SO nice and I am very jealous of your drawing skills since I am probably the worst drawer in the history of design students everywhere. 😛

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