Ten Free Comic-Inspired Fonts

If you haven’t noticed by now (hope it was nice and dry under that rock), I am a lover of comic books and webcomics a like. I don’t think there’s ever been a day when I haven’t spent a least a few moments laughing because of something I’ve read online or off. I love them. In comics, you tend to see some pretty nifty and out there typography, and with the popularity of web comics growing, a lot of people have started creating some really great fonts for artists to use in their strips. Here’s a great round up of some of my favorite free Comic Fonts.

Ten Free Comic-Inspired Fonts

2Peas Goofball
01. 2Peas Goofball from UrbanFonts

Agent Orange
02. Agent Orange from 1001 Free Fonts

Calvin and Hobbes
03. Calvin and Hobbes from UrbanFonts

04. Chlorinar from DaFont

Chronicles of a Hero
05. Chronicles of a Hero from BlamBot

Creative Block
06. Creative Block from BlamBot

Good Dog
07. Good Dog from DaFont

08. Pokemon from DaFont

09. SwingSet from BlamBot

Marker Felt
10. Marker Felt from Font Zone

I hope you enjoy these awesome fonts as much as I do. For my own comic, The Family Menagerie, I use Agent Orange and Creative Block for the header and the titles. For the dialogue, I use the another font in the 2Peas series – I recommend you go check out all of their fonts; they’re great. For those interested, the lines of the font examples are words from Neil Gaiman’s poem “Instructions.” One of my favorites. Happy Monday all!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Ooh, Marker Felt I quite like, as is Creative Block. I’ll have to download them right now. Thanks – I never would have found them otherwise!

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