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  • 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Done Yet
    I am guilty of constantly telling my girlfriend, “Hold on, just a few more minutes!” and before I know it, hours have passed. Here are some of the reasons this happens and what I may possibly be able to do about it (I guess this article could also be called “10 Ways I Can Save My Relationship”).

  • What Every Designer Should Do Right Now
    This article cannot stress enough these important things you should DO RIGHT NOW. I’m serious. These are things I’m constantly forgetting, so this is an awesome reminder for me to get on it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps putting off certain important tasks.
  • How to Use Curves in Photoshop
    So this is a pretty useful and simple tutorial on that nifty Photoshop feature Curves that is often overlooked. While this is probably more of a resource for photographers, I think this is something every designer should keep in her back pocket. Curves can be pretty cool.
  • How To Set Up Files for Printing
    Another great article from Niki Brown that I wish she had written earlier in the year. Ever want to print out your work either on business cards or something else? This is a great article with a TON of awesome tips on what to do when preparing to print. This is really good!
  • 20 Word Web Design & Development Trends
    Okay, if you’re a designer, you KNOW these are horrible. But doesn’t this just bring you back to the days of animated gifs on horribly rendered geocities sites? Reading through this isn’t so much about telling yourself what not to do, it’s more like a walk down memory lane. Ah nostalgia!
  • Preparing and Planning for a Redesign
    An oldie, but a goodie, and I’m throwing it up here because I’m about to undergo several pretty large redesign projects. This is a great article that covers the bases on what you should do when getting ready to do the big re-haul of a site. It also gives some good examples!

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