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  • How To Set Your Blog on Fire
    I may not be the best person to take blogging advice from (if you couldn’t tell, I focus less on words and more on pretty pictures), but I can tell you one thing: this is a great article on literally setting your blog on fire. LITERALLY. Pun. Get it? Okay, no not literally, but there are some great tips here on writing a pretty stellar blog. Another great post from my fellow folks at Fuel.

  • Screw the Duplicate Content Penalty!
    Another great article on content. Some may see this one as cheating, but I’m a firm believer in constant revisions, and if you heavily revise and add to an outdated post and call it a brand new one, I am okay with that. This is a great post by Erika Napoletano on three easy ways to repurpose content. She says “start thinking multi-purpose instead of single use” and I’m loving it. Check this out!
  • How To Fail At Using Twitter To Drum Up Business
    I love Brian McDaniel’s blog. He never once disappoints me and has great input on a lot of topics. This post is about Twitter and how NOT to use it when trying to strike up a business deal. Not only is this is a somewhat humorous account of some mistakes, but it’s full of wisdom and sound advice every freelancer should take when attempting to pick up new projects on everyone’s favorite social website.
  • Designing For A Hierarchy Of Needs
    Smashing Magazine was recently referred to me as “the Walmart of online design sites.” I agree it can sometimes be cluttered with “cheap” items, but it more often then not comes up with a few gems like this one. The author of this particular post, Steven Bradley, breaks down the essence of a web page’s hierarchy of importance. In this detailed article he gives us graphics, samples, and some great advice.
  • How To Create Depth And Nice 3D Ribbons Only Using CSS3
    A great resource for any of the newest trends in web design, Piervix of PV.M Garage brings us a great how-to on recreating an awesome trend using only the newest CSS3 tricks. Extremely easy to read for even the beginning n00b, he gives us the CSS, the HTML code, and examples of this nifty effect in motion. Be sure to check out the rest of this blog – I could have made this entire resource post just out of his articles.
  • R2D2 – the Eternal Source of Design Inspiration
    Alright, this one is just in here for fun. But how cool is this?! I LOVE R2D2 and seeing just how inspirational this loving character has become is wonderful. I was going to write down my favorite here, but you know what, I just can’t choose. Check all of them out!

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  1. Thanks for the pingback on my blog post today about the duplicate content myth 🙂

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