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If you haven’t noticed, I Love Rescue Animals is bursting with brand new content in our blog. Not only do we try and have a blog a day up now, but we’ve also got four, count them – FOUR, different series going on that I wanted to take a minute and showcase here. AND we’ve welcome on a new member of the team! How awesome is that? Check out what we’ve been up to!

  • Shelter Sketches: I’ve talked about them here before. This is a project that came from the lovely Chelsea Conlin, who is now an official member of the ILRA crew. She gets artists from all over to take part in this weekly project to save pets in need.
  • Product Reviews: With the help of our fuzzy puppy product testers, this is a series we’ve started to show our readers what we use, what we like, and what we’d recommend to everyone else. Sometimes they’re sponsored reviews, but more often it’s just because we want to.
  • The Truth Behind TFM: By now you should be familiar with my comic The Family Menagerie. At ILRA, we’re going to be writing up and sharing with you the real story behind each comic, sometimes this will even include pictures and videos. This just proves that almost everything you see in the comic is at least slightly true.
  • Pet Parent Files: I consider this to be the most important and the most helpful to all of our readers. We have a lot of pets, if anyone has guessed, and while this doesn’t qualify as to be vets, it does give us something of an expert status on how to deal with certain things. These videos are going to be thorough and hopefully helpful to everyone who needs them.

That’s just some of the stuff we’ve been doing at I Love Rescue Animals. Don’t forget to check out our blog and make sure you follow us on twitter: @RescueAnimals. Is there something else you want to see on ILRA? Let us know!

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