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Really, I’m not back. I’m just visiting.

I lied when I said I’d be right back. But for a good reason! I currently have 17 (SEVENTEEN!) posts in the wings waiting to be published, but I have yet to find time to actually edit any of them. This is because Snailbird is getting a massive content re-haul and a slightly smaller re-alignment of its design. Things are going to be more blog-oriented with a focus on green lifestyles, independent artists, local musicians, organic arts and crafts, eco tips, and more! We’ve always been a little green around the edges, but now we are really going to really give it our all. Just wait and see!

If you’re still itching for some of my writing (aw, shucks!), I can still be found blogging weekly with our team at I Love Rescue Animals and usually once a week over at Fuel Your Illustration, and of course, you can always find me messing around on twitter. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. It’s going to be exploding with new ideas soon. Keep checking back!

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    Sitting on the back porch in the dark, listening the insects hum & the wind move through the trees. The night air feels so good. <3
    - Thursday Apr 24 - 2:11am

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