5 Things to Know with Victoria Klein!

Do you know Victoria Klein? If not, you should. This woman is out to change the world. She is a blogger, a book author, a model, and a woman with a message. I was given the opportunity to read her newest book 48 Things to Know About Sustainable Living and ask her a few questions. Come get to know this awesome woman and learn a little more about what inspired her to write such a rockin’ book.

The Interview!

01. First off. I love this book. Not only is it inspiring because of its topic, but you made every step super easy to take and you have a great style of writing – it’s light, fun, and has a great conversationalist tone throughout. Obviously, this is something that’s been dear to your heart before you started researching and writing the book. What was your first introduction to a sustainable life?

First off, thank you; I’m elated that you enjoy my book. It was very much a labor of love to write. I was introduced to sustainable living before I knew it was sustainable living. My grandma & mom learned a lot of their household habits from their family, most of which grew up during the Depression era. That means they made the best of everything they had, reused & repaired something instead of buying new, grew a garden, spent family time at local parks … etc.

So that was my childhood – lots of time outside, food from the garden, mended dresses and jeans, drinking tap water, plastic baggies and aluminum foil that was washed many times over. I didn’t realize that those things were “sustainable” until after I had moved out, got my own place, & started maintaining my own home. I ended up reverting back to everything my grandma & mom had done when I was a kid, which led me to seek out more similar tips online & in books. That’s when I learned about “green living” & I knew I had found my passion.

02. Speaking of research, how much research did you have to do for this book? Are there steps in the book that you didn’t know about before you had the idea for the publication? What sustainable tips did you learn along the way?

Before I could even start writing the book, I had to get the table of contents approved by my publishing company. It took me about 2 weeks to decide on what the final 48 Things would be & what order to present them in. Having been an eco-focused freelance writer for a half-decade, researching the book was easy because I knew just where to look for the info I needed. Though most of what I included in the book was info I already knew, there were some surprises along the way. I was surprised how much sealing up your windows & doors can impact heating & cooling bills (Tip 10); how quickly the telecommuting trend is growing (Tip 27); & extensive options available for vacationing near home (Tip 35).

03. Along with sustainable tips, was there anything else you learned during the process? This is the second book you’ve written, so how different was it writing this book from the last one?

This book took me twice as long to research & write compared to the first one. While there is a lot of history & variation to the subject of yoga, sustainable living is an undeniably larger scope of a topic. For both books, one thing was clear – I had to establish a defined schedule to be sure that I had the time to do all the research, writing, and editing I wanted to do before the final manuscript was due. I stuck to my schedule very closely; if I hadn’t made a schedule to follow, I probably would still be working on the books!

04. Green is the word of the day! Who is your favorite “green” activist? Who inspired you while you wrote this book? And for fun, who is your favorite green-colored fictional character?

Picking one person is going to be really tough – I have met & keep in-contact with so many amazing eco-activists. It would be so unfair to just pick one because every person has their own personal sustainable subject that they are passionate about. (I know, not a very fair answer, huh?)

When I was writing this book, all I could think about was my family: my grandma, mom, father (RIP), and my new husband. If I could write a book about sustainability that they could understand & enjoy, then I would be proud to share it with others.

Oh, that’s an easy one: Captain Planet! He wasn’t completely green-colored, but he made carrying for the planet super cool when I was a kid.

05. And lastly, there are 48 tips. For our readers who haven’t yet picked up this book (and they really should!) let’s give them a quick summary. If you had to pick 10 of your favorite tips for leaving a sustainable life, which would those be? Feel free to add any tips that aren’t in the book.

Just 10? You really are giving me a challenge … here it goes: my top 10 sustainable living tips:

1. Separate your “wants” & “needs” (Tip 1)
2. Embrace the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle – in that order!; Tip 3)
3. Start small (Tip 4)
4. Taste the benefits of sustainable food for yourself (Tip 5)
5. Find sustainable alternatives to your bathroom products (Tip 9)
6. Make volunteering cool (Tip 32)
7. Try second-hand shopping (Tip 42)
8. Become a library geek (Tip 43)
9. Try DIY (Tip 44)
10. Read more about eco-issues & options (Tip 46)

In Conclusion

Thank you for an awesome interview, Victoria! If you’re interested in picking up her book 48 Things to Know About Sustainable Living, you can find it quite a few indie bookstores as well as bigger sites like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Victoria Klein has written numerous Web articles on sustainability for GreenOptions.com, LiveNeutral.org, and Green LivingOnline.com, as well as articles on green living that appeared in publications such as CRAFT, Venus Zine, ReadyMade, Yoga Journal, and Office Solutions. Victoria is also the author of 27 Things to Know About Yoga (Turner Publishing). She resides in Connecticut and can be found online at www.victoriaklein.net.

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