Some Day Your Gay Prince Will Come [Video]

This is quickly becoming Nikki’s blog of music and videos! But that’s okay, right? Because it’s quality. And quality is what counts.

I’m gonna keep telling myself that until it’s true.

ANYWAY. Y’all need to watch this and you need to watch the ENTIRE thing. It’s a little slow at first, but once you get past the crazy (and hilarious) fairy godmother, the dancing is incredible. And the entire video is amazing and whoever mashed the songs up is GENIUS. Not lying. Watch it and you will understand.

It also makes me cry with happiness because, gosh, “some day we’ll be part of your world.” Just watch it.

The cameos in this video are incredible, too. I love every single person who is in the video and who helped make it. THANK YOU. <3

2 responses to “Some Day Your Gay Prince Will Come [Video]”

  1. jon stein says:

    thanks Nikki for sharing this. I’m writing from Devon, England and your website came up on a site for creative handdrawn sites. I’m getting my own site built at the moment. I’m a gay writer/musician and was interested to read a little about your work/life. Funnily enough, I’m working on a song that’s based in Austin – though I’ve never visited, having only driven through the panhandle of Texas on the way to the West Coast in a road trip many years ago.
    Anyway, I don’t know if you’ll read this, let alone reply, but if you do then ‘thank you for being you, for sharing your creativity, and helping me believe that technology can still bring people together and inspire one another!
    Go well…

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Jon! Sorry it’s taken me so long, but I did read this! And thank you so very much for the comment. It means a lot to me. 🙂 You should definitely come visit Austin some day – I know it’s a long distance, but I know you’d love it. We’re the live music capital of the world and it’s our little bubble of blue in the red sea of Texas.

      I’m a big fan of using blogs and technology to connect with others, and this is the perfect example. Thank you so much for leaving this comment. It’s a good motivator to get me to start blogging more regularly. You rock!

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