If I’m not careful, this is quickly going to turn into a nothing-but-youtube-videos-and-music blog, but y’all are okay with that right? RIGHT?

(I promise real posts are coming soon – they’re in the works.)


I’m absolutely in love with the band Walk off the Earth and this song, Red Hands, it just PULLS at me in a way most songs don’t. I absolutely love it.

I realize that I got red hands, I wanna change this / Don’t ask me why I choose to lie, I stay blind, oh / It’s clear to me that you are human too, your accusations are burning through

The other song that I only just learned about last night is by a band called Alpha Rev who just played Blues on the Green here in Austin and they’ve quickly become one of my favorite bands. And this song, Sing Loud, has been on repeat all morning. So good.

Sing loud from the roof tops / Come dance on the rivers edge / Carry me over mountains to the end of love / Close the gates to the city / Hear the drums on the hillside / Carry me over mountains to the end of love

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to blog about today. Be good. Do good. Listen to good music.

And downright the most geekiest. Honestly I don’t think it needs an introduction. Just watch it.

I was eating a jelly bean while watching this. Bad move. Started laughing so hard I almost choked and passed out… almost like I had been hit with a Vulcan nerve pinch. You’ll get it if you watch the video. Also, who didn’t think that the song Nimoy sings while in the car isn’t the best choice EVER? Have you ever seen THAT video? Well now you have.


Found via The Mary Sue.