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I am Nikki Jeske and this is my blog! I am a designer, illustrator, and geek living in the beautiful hill country that is Austin, Texas with my husband Jake, our two cats (Jacob and Satsuki), a hogg island boa (Sir Gawain), and our crazy mutt (Athena). By day, I do front-end design and development work and illustrations, and by night and on the weekends I fight crime and save small kittens from trees. Or not.

Really, I’m just an artist and aspiring writer and illustrator for kids books and 100% an INFP personality. I do a bit of freelancing as the design coyote, mostly for indie-artists and makers, and I’m also the Social Media and Design manager for a nonprofit here in Austin called Scare for a Cure. If you ever get a chance, check out our events. Or better yet, volunteer with our awesome team.

In my spare time, I game (for the horde!), roll dice (D&D FTW!), paint (mostly acrylic and wall murals), and dream of traveling all over the world. I’ve been making websites and designs since 2001, and blogging in various forms since 2002. This blog is about art, comics, design, gaming, life, nature, and a little bit of nonsense thrown in for good measure. In short: geekery.

About Snailbird.Com

Snailbird.com was formally known as Coyote Dreams in 2007 and became what it is now in October 2008. Why Snailbird? Really, it’s two of my nicknames put together. I grew up being called Snail a lot by peers because I was (and am) slow at everything I do, whether walking, running, or thinking. Bird comes from Blackbird, a nickname that grew from one of my online pen names based on my favorite poem by Wallace Stevens (“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”). Snailbird is as random as I am and what I blog about, so it fit.

Snailbird is hosted by HostGator and uses WordPress to run the blog.


As Seen On:

Snailbird has been showcased in many Design/CSS galleries, as well as featured in several Design Magazines. Thank you all for the amazing support!

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