Earth Hour – Vote Earth!

Tomorrow is the big day, ladies and gentlemen. Earth Hour is almost upon us. If you’ve had your head stuck in the ground the last few days/weeks/months and missed all the talk about it on TV/Radio/Twitter/Web-Advertisements/Giant-Billboards-on-the-side-of-Freeways, then check out the website: Earth Tomorrow, March 28th, at 8:30pm (where ever in the world you are at), people all over the globe are going to turn off their lights and vote Earth.

What does this mean and why should we do it?

In December 2009 world leaders meet in Copenhagen to agree on a post-Kyoto policy for tackling climate change. One billion people voting with their light switch during Earth Hour will create a powerful mandate for our leaders to take strong and decisive action on climate change in Copenhagen. Vote Earth is a global call to action for every individual, every business and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet.


Other places you can find Earth Hour:
Official Website
YouTube Videos
Facebook Group
Facebook Fan Page
FlickR Fan Page

If you twitter it, the hashtags are #earthhour and #voteearth. Spread the word and don’t forget to constantly remind people about this. Not only will this give people a wake-up call that we need to do something for the planet, but millions of people around the world turning off their lights is a huge step in conserving our energy. Just imagine what this could do if enough people flipped the switches on their lights and enjoyed the darkness. Okay, so maybe at 8:30 it won’t be that dark, but enjoy a sky without light pollution for once. Look at the stars coming out or the sun going down and just think about what it was like when all we had were candles and the natural light of the sky to live by.

I think this is going to be an extremely positive experience. So don’t forget:

Earth Hour! Vote Earth!

Aliens Among Us!

Mac (my newest blog hostee), pointed this out via Twitter and it’s so incredible I can’t NOT post it.

That video is pretty grainy, but check out the one in the actual article: Alien-like Squid with “Elbows” Filmed at Drilling Site. It DOES look like an alien but it’s also really beautiful in a creepy, elegant sort of way (my descriptions rock). Can you believe these things really exist?

The world is such a strange place.

Corruption, Knitting, Pygmy Hippos.

I’m exhausted but I got a design done for a friend of mine who’s starting up a fashion blog and now I’m working on putting together a blog for Ash (I’ve corrupted her – bwahahaha!). I need to finish up some of the freebie themes I have in the works too and I want to get enough together where I can actually start up a little shop.

Other than that, I’ve been knitting like a fiend, but I think that comes with being sick. Sick also means not being able to taste and feeling like someone is constantly squeezing my eyeballs out of their sockets – way too much pressure to cope so I’ve been snapping like a cocker spaniel at absolutely anything and I honestly don’t know how Ash lives with me some days. Thank goodness she thinks I’m cute.

In other news, I’m behind the times, but…


Baby Pygmy hippo, anyone? Seriously, can you get any cuter? Tiniest hippo ever. She’s like a little Wilbur, only cuter.

Oh, and before I forget, go check out Kat’s last giveaway contest. It ends tomorrow so you might want to run over and check it out. I’m sorry I didn’t post a link earlier since she’s been doing them all week, but at least I caught the last one. Go check it out!

Right. Off to do… something.

Woke up to this.

Woke up to let the dog out. What did I see? THIS.


It’s October. I’m really not ready for this. And it’s still snowing. Mother Nature, did you really have to send the snow this early? Why?

I want to go south now.

Song of the Stars

It’s kind of cliche, you know, saying that the stars make music. Or laugh like children. Or tinkle like bells. But it never really occurred to me that they do make noise!

Team Records Music from Stars

You’ll also note that the sound of one star is very slightly different to the other. That’s because the sound they make depends on their age, size and chemical composition. The technique, called “stellar seismology”, is becoming increasingly popular among astronomers because the sounds give an indication of what is going on in the stars’ interior.

Go to the article and listen to the four audio files. Isn’t it amazing? We can actually hear the stars. We can hear our own sun. Absolutely incredible. I thought it was worth sharing. I think our sun has the prettiest song, but the cluster of stars you can listen to really made my jaw drop. They sound like horns honking on a busy street. Crazy.

So, what did you hear today?