Day One of SXyote Sponsor: Embrace Pet Insurance


Embrace Your Pet!

Well it’s Day One of the #SXyote adventures and while the majority of my day will be spent in the Gaming Expo for game reviews, demos, and a few sessions, I wanted to start off the day by thanking my Day One Sponsor: Embrace Pet Insurance! They are not only a sponsor this year, but they were one of the very first sponsors of the first fundraiser last year – so HUGE thanks to them for continuing to believe in my cause. You guys are awesome!

I now only love them because of their sponsorship, BUT they are also our very own Pet Insurance company! Most of our furkids are covered under their insurance so my shirt is pretty on the mark for us – “Don’t just love your pet, EMBRACE your pet!” We do! Do you!


About Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace was created by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik in July 2003. Laura and Alex spent several challenging years establishing Embrace. With a number of “one step forward, two steps back” experiences that often led them to wonder if they would ever get Embrace up and running, they persevered and laid the groundwork for Embrace today. Their core values are: We Are Open & Honest, We Believe In Customer Fixation, We Give Back to the Community and Help the Environment, We Take Personal Responsibility, We Seek Innovation, and Be Passionate.

We love Laura, Alex, and the whole Embrace Crew! Thank you again for sponsoring Day One of SXyote! Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #SXyote for lots of great livetweeting and pictures!


Webcomic Wednesday: Top 100 Comic Blogs to Follow in 2013


A special Webcomic Wednesday for today! I was recently contacted by Mr. David Soto, creator of the following list, and asked if I’d like to be included in an infographic showcasing the top 100 comic blogs to follow in 2013. Of course I said, “Yes!” I love that Snailbird is known as a place for comic-fans to come and hang out and enjoy the many webcomics and illustrators that I feature. So instead of just three webcomics for you like normal, I’m posting this so you get 100 great comic blogs and resources for your reader.

Plus – a ton of my favorite sites are showcased in this extra long infographic. CBR, Major Spoilers, Lackadaisy Cats, all make appearances. And quite a few that I’ve never head of but am now a fan of. I’ll stop giving it away now – go look at for yourself!

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Kickstarter Funding for Important Mental Health Campaigns

It’s Kickstarter feature time! This time I have two for you to take a look at and both are incredibly important because they address a topic that, I believe, is too often swept under the rug. And that is mental health. So without further ado. Here are two Kickstarters that need your help, right now.

The Hospital Visit


The Hospital Visit
By: Aaron Fisher
Where: Kickstarter Page
Needs: $5,000
Ends: Wednesday, February 27, 2013
“The subject of my son’s film deals with important mental health issues, such as major depression and suicide – there is more information about the film in the link below. Aaron was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and major depression five years ago. With medication and therapy, he has learned to cope with this debilitating illness, and has been quite accomplished – making numerous short films since middle school.” – Danny Fisher.

Live Through This: Life on the Other Side of Suicide


Live Through This: Life on the Other Side of Suicide
By: Dese’Rae L. Stage
Where: Kickstarter Page
Needs: $15,538
Ends: Thursday, March 21, 2013
“The meat of Live Through This comes from talking to other survivors about their experiences with suicide and then, after each interview, making a portrait. Later, I publish that portrait with an excerpt of the survivor’s story on the website. The idea is to level the playing field and humanize suicide by showing the faces of real people who have attempted to take their lives, but lived instead. Live Through This asks the viewer to look into the eyes of the survivors, and in doing so, it helps the viewer to realize that these people could be anyone.”

Please consider donating to either of these Kickstarters. Mental health is an incredibly important topic and one that I hold close to my heart. Even if it’s a small donation, it will go far.

Artist Showcase: The Scribbled Stylings of Phil Wall


I’m a fan of abstract art and illustrations that are outside the traditional work. When Phil Wall first showed up on my radar, it was over at Fuel Your Illustration. His Project Photo Doodle is an epic collaboration of photography and doodle monsters. I really like his style, so it comes as no surprise to me that I love his next project too!


Phil Wall is an artist based in the UK. He’s always looking for fresh new ways to create art and his main focus as an illustrator is on creating limited run postcards and prints. Exhibitions and Press includes; Harvey Nichols, The Laughing Squid, Front Magazine, Creative Boom and DesignTaxi.


Phil says of his new style, “I started this series to experiment in creating forms and depth with structured scribbles and circular ‘string like’ lines. I expanded on the idea by mixing in other techniques and balancing the scribbled forms with more intricate line work.”


I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. For more artistic stylings from Phil Wall, you can find him on twitter, facebook, Project Photo Doodle blog, his art blog, and his tumblr.


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