Zeldman on Web 2.0

Jeffrey Zeldman has an interesting take on what “Web 2.0” really is.

You can read it here.

Winter is here already. What happened to fall?

In Memorian of The Croc Hunter

Here’s a copy of a letter I sent to the Irwin family.

Dear Terri, Bindi, and Bob,

I don’t think I could possibly say anything new that hasn’t already been said here. But I’d like to offer my deepest regrets and heartfelt sympathy for the friends and family of the late, great Steve Irwin – most of all to the three of you.

Growing up, I was deeply inspired by people like Steve, and Jeff Corwin, and Marty Stouffer, and Jane Goodall. My mother helped grow a love for nature and all wild things in me, and my passion to raise awareness intensified by watching the Croc hunter in his glory.

I started going to college to be a biologist, but not long into it I changed my mind and I’m currently working towards becoming an Outdoor Educator in hopes of reaching out to children and showing them that life is precious and we need to appreciate the nature and wildlife that is around us.

I can’t begin to express how Steve Irwin helped fashion my beliefs in conservation and animal rights. He has been my inspiration longer than anyone else (other than my mother). I’m still not able to fathom a world without him. I guess I took it for granted that one day I would be at the Australia zoo shaking his hand and thanking you both in person. I’ve always believed that I would do that once I got out of college; my plan was to go down to Australia and visit the zoo as much as I could. I guess I waited too long.

He’s achieved immortality though. He has left behind a legacy and the urge to save the animals from harm. He has done what many have tried and he did it with a passion that was unrivaled in all senses. I am only one of many who will miss him forever.

Steve, you rocked. Thank you for everything. I wish I could do something to help your family in their pain, but all I can offer is just simple words of how your life inspired my own. Wherever you are, I’m sure you’re stirring up excitement and love for animals, and giving those angels quite the thrills.

Thank you, Crocodile Hunter. Thank you. And to Terri and your kids: I admire your courage and your bravery and the passion you have all shared for what you love doing. What you have given the world is priceless. Your lives have helped and touched more than just animals. Thank you.

Nikki Jeske

His death hit me a lot harder than I thought possible for someone I’ve never met. I’m numb from it. Animal Planet has been on my TV 24/7 the last week. I’ve been watching all my Croc Hunter tapes and, yes, crying over the loss of this great man.

The world got a little less-wilder when he left.

Flickr Update and MySpace Article

Just wanted to make mention that I have, indeed, finally updated my flickr account.

Check it out.

Madi and her Stump

In other news, classes start next week and my tutor training has taken over my life.

And here’s an interesting article by Lelia Thomas on MySpace and it’s popularity, which, for the most part, I agree with. MySpace is high school on the internet. Way too much drama for my taste. I’ll stick to LJ and my blog.

Heat wave in Wisconsin.

Randy and I are two very sad and unfit people. The last two days we’ve walked all over Ashland and today, well, today was just horrible. Both of us took on too much and pretty much died from heat exhaustion trying to get back to campus. I’m so glad I brought a water bottle with, even if it was really hot by the time we started walking back.

I’m in a wicked (hah) mood, so we went to the bookstore and I bought a copy of Wicked by Gregory Maguire, which I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. I love that book, and rivals two books for my favorite book of all time (Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie and The Neverending Story by Michael Ende). If you haven’t, read it.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the music from the musical as well. I’ve been feeling wicked.

In other news, I’m knitting and have no clue why. It’s way too hot to be knitting anything. I need to take Emry out, but it’s so hot, I don’t want him to get overheated. He will be coming with me when I go home now, so I’m excited. The plan was for him to stay with Tiff originally, but since I’m staying home longer now, I’m bringing him with.

I cannot Bear this heat. Remind me now to leave food in an open car.