I found Godzilla in the Sky.

Can I just say, I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow? Well, I said it anyway. Tomorrow is gonna suck. Ash works 6:30am to 6pm and I have my final scenario for Search and Rescue, so I’ll be out until 3 in the morning again in negative degree weather searching the woods for some random person who may or may not be “hurt” and “lost.” Yay Search and Rescue training! Agh so cold… I could use some warm Texas weather.

Speaking of Texas. Have another picture:


I love bats. I’m really stoked to go see the Congress Avenue Bridge. Yay bats!

I was super productive today. I cleaned the living room, the hallway, the counters, and the kitchen. We got some of the clothes put away and I got more books packed as well as all the art supplies. And while doing all this, I also got all the blogs on Snailbird updated to WordPress 2.6.5. Go me! So far WordPress 2.7 (which has only been released for WordPress.com blogs) is really cool looking. I’ve been exploring it and for once, I actually like the change! I think it’s easier to get through and more user friendly. It’s not as simple as the old look, but it’s pretty cool looking. I can’t wait till they release it for download so I can put it up here. Yep.

Right. Off to bed and I’ll try to post tomorrow before I go die in the woods somewhere search for lost people in the woods at night. Ta.

We are all a bit batty – Bat Education!

Yesterday was Blogathon day, and as you can see, I did not participate. I already had plans yesterday with my girl because two years ago I wrote her a letter asking her out. I don’t think she would have forgiven me if I ditched out on our plans to write in my blog every half hour.

Anyway, I did keep up on my Lee’s blog, which has always proved to be a large storehouse of information for paleo-nerds. Or, really, any nerd interested in the nitpickings of science. Sometimes I feel really smart when I read her blog. Other times… ha.

I wonder why she stays friends with me.

Anyway, it got me thinking a lot about my intentions when I first came to Northland. My plan was to major in Biology and slowly become a Bat Biologist. I love bats. I am a bat freak, I guess. My favorite are the flying foxes, named for their dog-like faces and large ears. They are true fruit bats, found in the Order of Chiroptera (or “hand-wing”). These true fruit bats are actually split into two groups: the Microchiropter (“small hand-wing”) and the Megachiropter (“large hand-wing”).
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