Gone Camping!


Hey guys – tomorrow I leave for a long-awaited camping trip/family reunion/my grandparents’ anniversary celebration. I’ll be gone to Wisconsin till August 1st, but then it’s down to Austin for a bit for some moving business and an interview. I’ll have a better chance at getting some blogging done while in Austin considering my limited resources at home. Thankfully, we will be fixing Ash’s laptop soon which means we’ll be back to having two computers instead of one which means back to full-time work for both of us. But that’s then and this is now. Tomorrow I shall choose the winner of the Comic-Con Contest (you still have today to enter) and I will email him or her. The rest of tonight will be devoted to packing last minute items and then getting to bed earlier. I want to get an early start in the morning.

I say that and yet somehow we always end up leaving around 4 in the afternoon. We’ll see what happens. Bon Voyage! I hope we don’t get lost in the woods…

EDIT 7/22: Congratulations to Adam for winning the Comic-Con Contest. An email has been sent to in regards to your prize. I hope you enjoy your new movie!