I found Godzilla in the Sky.

Can I just say, I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow? Well, I said it anyway. Tomorrow is gonna suck. Ash works 6:30am to 6pm and I have my final scenario for Search and Rescue, so I’ll be out until 3 in the morning again in negative degree weather searching the woods for some random person who may or may not be “hurt” and “lost.” Yay Search and Rescue training! Agh so cold… I could use some warm Texas weather.

Speaking of Texas. Have another picture:


I love bats. I’m really stoked to go see the Congress Avenue Bridge. Yay bats!

I was super productive today. I cleaned the living room, the hallway, the counters, and the kitchen. We got some of the clothes put away and I got more books packed as well as all the art supplies. And while doing all this, I also got all the blogs on Snailbird updated to WordPress 2.6.5. Go me! So far WordPress 2.7 (which has only been released for WordPress.com blogs) is really cool looking. I’ve been exploring it and for once, I actually like the change! I think it’s easier to get through and more user friendly. It’s not as simple as the old look, but it’s pretty cool looking. I can’t wait till they release it for download so I can put it up here. Yep.

Right. Off to bed and I’ll try to post tomorrow before I go die in the woods somewhere search for lost people in the woods at night. Ta.

Early Morning Meditations

I spent the morning in a basement cleaning cobwebs, spiders, and dust out of a large shelving unit. A woman at my work needed help and offered to pay me $10 an hour to help her get organized. I really like her and she’s definitely one of my favorite co-workers so I was quick to say yes. It was a nice way to spend the morning, despite being slightly hungover from last night’s endeavor. The shelving unit was something she found at a garage sale and wanted to use it for paper for her scrapbooking (which is a really cool idea – I think the unit was originally used for mailings). The first hour I was by myself, systematically cleaning each slot, but the second hour she came downstairs to keep me company and we talked politics, scrapbooking, and childrens books.

I guess the main point of telling you about my morning isn’t to rub it into your face that I got $30 for two hours of minor work (Hey, you know what? I got $30 this morning for only two hours of minor work!), but to share with you that I got to re-meet someone today. The only time I ever got to talk to her was at work, and that’s really all I knew about her. It’s interesting, isn’t it? The many faces people have. I learned today that my co-worker wants to write books for kids and that she keeps a large notepad in her truck for when she gets ideas while driving. I learned that she loves to make her own paper and make books. I learned that while she loves Ashland, she wishes that she were in a more liberal city. These are things I would never have learned about her just at work.

It got me thinking, you know. What do I really know about people I see every day? For that matter, what do I really know about myself? What do I want people to know about me? How am I portraying myself to people, both here, on my blog, and in real life? We can’t honestly know what people think of ourselves because 1) people lie, and 2) perception is everything.

“The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change. ” – Richard Bach

What do you know about yourself? Just some food for thought. (Hey, and off topic, but have some shameless self promotion as well – take the time out of your busy schedule to vote for Snailbird.com. We need all the help we can get. Please?)

Way down in Margaritaville.

Ash took me out to eat tonight at the new Mexican restaurant (my lips are numb!) and we had some great food (my head is straight isn’t it?) and I had the biggest margarita I have ever had. Seriously. It was only a medium but it was as big as my head (I am so sick of hitting backspace – my hands are not working) and reeked of alcohol and I downed it. Seven. Dollars. I was not wasting it.

Herse is me tipyping without hitisng the backpsasce.

My god. I have to work tomorrow. What a day to be hungover. Cures, anyone?

IUnjeed to go laie down. Hi.

EDIT: ONDT BLOG WHILE SDRUNK. And don’t let yora gilarflriend take videos of you trying to sing twinkle twinkel alitttle star. BLACKMAIL.

GOD. My heard HEAD hurts. Ig ive up on typing.

battle with a paper-eating machine.

Another thing I hate. Printing in bulk. I designed flyers to send out to Athletic Alumni and I have to print out 1,387 of them to go in a mailing. The printer, the only color printer in the entire building, however, has decided that instead of just printing 1,387 flyers, it must also print out 1,387 blank pages between each flyer. Because when this gigantic hunk of crap from the year 2000 gets too hot, it prints out a blank page to cool itself down.

Apparently, one flyer with two colors on it is far too much for a machine like this to take. So while I could be finishing up my game of Sodoku in peace, I have to get up every two seconds to check on the printer and make sure it’s not dying under the pressure of all these flyers. Sometimes, it gets so hot, that it must print out multiple blank pages before it will actually take a stab at printing the actual flyer.

I have more blank pages printing out then flyers. Since I don’t want to risk completely blowing up the machine, I’ve just been printing out flyers in bulk of 100 instead of all at once. God helps whoever tries that. I think the printer might just take out the whole building in a large red ball of flames and paper cuts.

I’m never going to finish this game of Sodoku. Blah.

On a side note, I’m also completely sunburned, our oldest ferret Jingles just passed away, and my girlfriend is sick. I know I will be soon too since I catch everything. August isn’t proving to be the greatest month. Here’s hoping there’s improvement (there better – Ash’s birthday is on the 18th!).

Right – back to fight the printer into actually doing its job. Agh.

life update.

Sorry for the lack of updates. But life is finally falling into place.

House – check.
Girlfriend – check.
Girlfriend gets good job – check.
I get good job – check.
All our family together – check.
Love – double check.

I just got done signing paperwork for a new job working for the College’s Alumni office. I’ll be working with their website, their newsletter, and I’ll be going places to do stuff for their Alumni weekends. I start work on Monday morning, forty hours a week, full time, minimum wage. It’s great.

Other than that, I keep plugging along on getting my website stuff together and yesterday I finished my writing resume (I’m still working on a design resume). Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot more done during the long weekend and I’ll have my website up and running with the portfolio up as well. Good luck to me.

Right now, I’m going to go paint. Ta.

bow chika bow bow.

Housemates are annoying. Especially when they throw big elaborate beer parties and let people eat your food, use your salsa, and throw your towel on the floor to soak up a disgusting pile of puke. Ash and I are pretty peeved by it all. The house reeks of alcohol, pot, and bad B.O. At least they’re cleaning it up now. The house is a mess. I plan on writing up a little list of the things they owe us (including a new towel). It’s just gross.

Boys are disgusting.

Not to mention Ash had a slight scare last night when the carbon monoxide detector went off. She couldn’t exactly open the door to let in fresh air because of the stupid party, so she opened her window (outside of which there were people peeing in the bushes), and turned the fan on. She then sneaked the rats and the dog over to my room and we came back this morning to check up on the cats and the ferrets. Everyone’s fine, thankfully, but it was still scary.

I want a tablet. Badly. Anyone have any referrals for different tablets? I really like the Wacom Intuos line, but they’re expensive. But I want one. Mouse Art just ain’t cutting it anymore.

An update, really? How exciting!

I’m currently working on a rather large and time-consuming rehaul of Amadaun.Net. New content will include actual art, photographs, and a small selection of stories and poetry. A design has been created but I’m already questioning just how much I like it so by the time I get around to finishing everything, it might already have changed. We’ll see. Don’t expect anything for awhile, as I said, it’s pretty time-consuming (of time that I currently don’t have).

What time I do have is usually spent neglecting school, procrastinating on the site, playing World of Warcraft, painting, and taking long naps with the Love of my Life (who likes to steal the blankets and kick in her sleep). Sleeping is generally hard when you have a cat who believes it’s his right to situate himself as a hat on your head in the middle of the night, and another cat who will loudly inform you at 4:30 in the morning that she is hungry. Ash rightly said this morning, with her head buried beneath the pillow, “Dog is man’s best friend because they let man sleep.” Which is true. The dog will sleep till noon, right along with us. The ferrets and the rats are nocturnal and make it damn near impossible to stay asleep with their scratching and rustling and fighting (no, not together). Which is why we take long naps during the day and stay awake all night.

I can’t wait till we get a house of our own and we aren’t all cooped up in one room (and have to deal with a male housemate who doesn’t flush the toilet). We’ve been looking at apartments for the summer in Ashland and the Twin Cities, but we haven’t found much we can afford (or that allows the number of animals we have). We both want to go to Tennessee but it’d be harder finding jobs there. If anyone has some insight to these locations and possible places to rent, please let me know.

Other than that I’ve been painting again so just maybe I’ll start opening up some commission work. I’m not sure if that’s being too optimistic or what, but cross your fingers and hope.

That’s it for now. Be well.

what a year.

Hi! Yeah, I’ve been pretty much gone for a long time now. No time for blogging and little time for writing reflections on my computer. This has been quite a year though. I’ve been to many new places and met a lot of new people. I ended a long-term relationship but found love unexpectedly and have been enjoying that ride with a passion I never thought I had. I have re-thought what I want to do with my life and have come to several different options, and I’m also wondering if the Northwoods is really the place for me.

The New Year brings about a lot of promises. I can’t wait to see where it all goes, for good or bad. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace. It’s been my motto for years now and I’m still chanting it in my head when I get too stressed. This year challenged it in a lot of ways and many times I failed at lettings things go, and I’m still holding on to grudges that I know shouldn’t affect me. But what can you do but keep pushing forward?

Here are a few topics that I hope I get to write about at some point in the new year: Montessori schools and teaching techniques, updates on World of Warcraft (I haven’t played in almost four months!), Jethro Tull and Nami Tamaki, the Presidential elections, and possibly some different Natural History topics on some animals and plants. So stay tuned! I’m going to try and get back in the habit of blogging once I get back to school and a steady internet connection.

Hope everyone has a great end of the year.

a sense of place.

So I’ve been at the Audubon Center for the Northwoods for two months, but really it only feels like two weeks. Time flies here, partly because we’re so busy, and partly because I don’t own a watch. But the experiences I have had have been so amazing so far. It’s really a learning and growing experience that I need. Actually, I think everyone needs these kinds of experiences. Really.

I’ve been canoeing in the Boundary Waters and I’ve gone on a five day canoe trip down the Mississippi. I’ve met some incredibly nice and talented people, and some people who just aren’t the nice folks in the barn (including a farmer who hates educators and women). I’ve seen a Rendezvous of voyageurs and helped facilitate teambulding for a teachers retreat (where all the adults were older than me and far more experienced). I’ve challenged myself in more ways than I could count, both physically and mentally. I’ve climbed up a high ropes course without breaking down into a mess because of the height, and I managed to survive five days with a group of high schoolers in the middle of nowhere with no bathrooms and little sunshine.

I don’t want to leave. December is coming too fast. But everything happens for a reason and this has been a wonderful experience I will never forget. I don’t think fall block should be limited to Outdoor Education majors. Everyone should be given this chance. It’s amazing.

And that’s it for now. Quick update and nothing more. Hope all is well out there in space!

Fall Block!

So I’m going on hiatus for awhile since I’ll be off campus for four months doing the Fall Block thing (which means I’m in the middle of nowhere jumping off rocks and learning about trees and having a good old time being outside as much as I can).

Though I’ll leave you with a joke that I found hilarious and you’ll probably just think I’m a freak or something:

“Alice Algae and Freddie Fungus took a lichen to each other and now their relationship is on the rocks.”

Mwahahaha. Yeah, I’m probably the only one who would find that funny. GO NATURAL HISTORY! I’m a nerd.

Back on topic, you won’t see me for awhile so I hope you enjoy the beautiful fall season and the changing of the leaves and remember to live. It’s good for the soul. I’ll see you in January.