Design Coyote!

Ladies and Gentlemen (and those in between sorts and those that are neither), I finally present to you, after many hours of labor and birth pains with no epidural (I’m a trooper), my brand new, precious baby.

Design Coyote

It is the Grand Opening of my new design site Design Coyote. Click on the banner to see the site, peruse the Premades Shop, or check out the freebies (which have been moved there permanently). You can fill out the request quote form to find out how much a custom design would be, and in my own navigation there is now a Hire Me? link that brings you to the site. I’ll still be making freebie themes and cross-posting them here, but they’ll be over there from now.

Please check it out and tell me what you think and if anything doesn’t work for you. I’d appreciate it. It seems to work on my end, but apparently the shop is being fickle. I’ll try and figure out what that’s about.

Go at it!