Introducing Pet Parent Files!

Ash and I have been super busy the last few weeks putting more and more content up over at I Love Rescue Animals, and the blog is becoming a virtual hothouse of information for any and all pet lovers. Our newest project: Pet Parent Files! This is the start of our video blogging journey – Ash has started creating videos (with me helping as the cameraman), giving tips from one pet parent to another. Whether it’s about giving panicure to dogs or feeding medication to rats, saving baby birds or talking about kittens, we are going to try and cover it all. Have a question? Please ask and we may do a video for you! Our menagerie currently consists of dogs, cats, ferrets, rats, a snake, a leopard gecko, and some fish (at the moment), so our experiences are varied and we may have an answer for you. Go check out our new Pet Parent Files!

I Love Rescue Animals (Do You?)

We used to have to struggle to find content for our I Love Rescue Animals blog, but lately, it has come alive with entries not just from us, but from a couple of other people as well. One being the awesomely talented Chelsea Conlin who has taken it upon herself to do, what we like to call, Shelter Sketches. Check out that series – it’s cute and it’s helping animals.

We’ve also started doing Pet Parent Files where Ash and I do a video with tips on taking care of our many animals (if you lost count, we’re up to 23 now, two of which are fosters). It’s crazy, but we figured with our experience, people might be interested in what we do on a daily basis.

Even with the sudden influx of content, we’re always looking for guest posts. Want to tell a story about your rescue animal? Have a great rescue story you heard and feel we should discuss? Let us know and we’ll post it! Head over to and fill out the content form telling us what you’re like to do or how you’d like to contribute. We look forward to hearing from you!

Brody: 1 Year Ago.

One year ago today, our Brody was whisked away from us. A neighbor left the door open and Brody, our beautiful little golden pup, took off out the door and was hit by a truck. A truck that didn’t even stop to see if he was okay. I still have nightmares about it, seeing it all happen over and over again. It’s been a year and certainly doesn’t feel like it.

We miss you so much Brody. You were the happiest dog in the world, our Dalai-Lama of dogs.

ILRA Shelter Sketches!

If you haven’t been paying attention, I Love Rescue Animals has recently begun working with talented artist Chelsea Conlin to bring our readers something called “Shelter Sketches” every Saturday. Here’s how it works: Chelsea chooses a dog in any shelter and brings him or her to life in a sketch which we post on our blog, along with all the information about the dog. It is in this way that we hope to give these pups an even better chance at being adopted and finding their forever homes.

Check out the ILRA Blog and visit Chelsea’s sketchblog for more information and more awesome art.

A Sad Day for our Family.

Brody and Ash

Brody Hupp-Niels-Jeske
“The Dalai-Lama of dogs.”
July 15, 2008 – June 2, 2009
Adopted into our family January 15, 2009

Taken from us far too soon, we will never forget you, Brody-bear.

You’re the One that I Want.

And because that last post was a bit heavy, have the cutest dancing pup ever.

Oh come on. I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched that. Want more cute pups? Check out Ash’s Mutts n’ More. She just uploaded a video that has some absolutely adorable six week old puppies (and me – it has me in it too, so don’t say I didn’t warn you). They are just freakin’ cute and so sweet. I love my family.

Have a good night all!

Pup of the Day.


The best picture of Spunky ever, taken yesterday on top of Rock Knob at Hartley Park. Ash took it. This is why she should be a pet photographer. She takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen of our kids. She’s honestly an amazing photographer. And Spunky is one of the prettiest pups ever.

He knows it too.

Scarcity, mummies, and dogs.

I was made to sit down and watch The Mummy tonight because it was apparently imperative to my very existence that I see it. However, about two minutes before the actual ending of the movie I realized that I have, in fact, seen the whole thing. So I guess my life wasn’t at stake to begin with.

My legs hurt and blogging will be scarce this week on account of the fact that we have a friend staying with us and crashing on our floor. Good times will be had and I’m not sure how much internet time I’ll have (but it’s well worth it, and I’m sure you understand).

I shall leave you with an interesting story about man’s best friend.

According to the Palais de Justice in Paris, a recent preliminary hearing marked the first time in France, and perhaps in the world, in which a dog had been called as a formal witness in a murder case. “Scooby Doo” was brought into the courtroom so that a judge could watch how he reacted when he approached the defendant, who was accused of killing Scooby’s master, and according to a dispatch in London’s Daily Telegraph, the dog “barked furiously,” helping convince the judge to set the case for trial. [Daily Telegraph, 9-10-08]

Dogs are amazing. Moreso than people, in many many cases. Our dog? Spoiled rotten. But we love him. Even when he is a lazy-butt (but he’s a cute lazy-butt).

Spunky says it’s time for bed. Night all.